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Alcoholic beverages

The market for alcoholic beverages is huge. For instance, as much as one billion euros is spent on beer in the
Netherlands on an annual basis. In addition, the turnover of wine, spirits and liqueurs is also considerable. Alcoholic
beverages are therefore an important turnover factor for many shops and catering establishments.

It is crucial to ensure a good margin so that their sales are also profitable. Soft buys alcoholic beverages in bulk for its European customers. This allows us to negotiate competitive prices.

And you benefit from this. We deliver at lightning speed from stock so that you will receive your alcoholic beverages within a day. Countless wholesalers and distributors rely on our expertise.

Conscious alcoholic beverages

The trend of opting for conscious alcoholic drinks is also evident within the alcoholic drinks segment. Many alcoholic beverages are high-calorie so people often switch to low-calorie variants. Certainly the younger generation is choosing
more consciously.

For instance, the consumption of alcohol-free beer is rising considerably. Of course, this also has to do with the fact that the quality of alcohol-free beer has improved considerably. The taste experience is excellent these days and a fully-fledged alternative to beer.

In addition, it is also hip to drink alcohol-free beer. The condemnation of the Buckler drinker by comedian Youp van het Hek is now more than 30 years behind us. A new generation has clearly emerged.

Hard seltzer trend

A new trend that fits perfectly with Generation Z's desire to drink more consciously is the rise of hard seltzer. This drink is lightly alcoholic and contains only half the calories of beer.

Moreover, the taste experience is very different; it is fresh and sparkling. This trend has come over from the United States. There, hard seltzer bars have sprung up there themselves as the number of brands is growing like cabbage.

In the Netherlands too, many new brands such as Frank Seltzer have sprung up. It is sparkling water with 4.5% alcohol and a fruity flavour. That it is an important trend is proven by Coca Cola, which also makes a hard seltzer variant for the Latin American market.

Economical alcoholic beverages

Our buying power enables us to offer competitive prices for alcoholic beverages. We buy in bulk for our European customers (wholesalers and distributors) so that we have a strong negotiating position.

We gladly pass on the advantage we negotiate to you. This way, you do not have to worry about the price and you are assured of an
excellent margin. So you can focus on other things.

Thinking along with trends has intensive contacts with the main international players in the field of alcoholic beverages. This way, we are the first to know about new trends and developments.

We also keep a close eye on consumer trends. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we know exactly which trends generate opportunities. We also look at trendsetting foreign markets.

This gives us a lot of knowledge about the market. Knowledge we gladly share with you so that you can excel in the field of alcoholic beverages and drinks in general. We would therefore like to be your partner in the field of (alcoholic) beverages.

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