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Aquarius Sport is an energy drink for real athletes who want to push their limits. Prove you wrong is not the slogan of this sports drink for nothing. With Aquarius an athlete gets just that boost he needed to go that little bit faster, further or harder. After all, this isotonic drink boosts energy levels considerably.

Aquarius Sport Drink isotonic sports drinks contain vitamin B6 so it boosts the body's metabolism. Despite containing fast sugars, the sweeteners ensure that this sports drink contains only 18 calories per 100 ml. Low in calories therefore making it really suitable for athletes. is the soft drinks distributor with a special range of soft drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks. Not only A-brands like Aquarius but also emerging brands and niche products. We can therefore provide you with a refreshing range of sports drinks. We deliver rapidly at low prices thanks to our excellent purchasing advantages and refreshing way of working.

From the Coca Cola Company

Aquarius Sports Drink is produced by the Coca Coca Company. The brand has been around since 1978 and was first introduced in Japan. It was then launched in Spain in 1991 after which it was the official drink during the Olympic Games in the summer of 1992 held in Barcelona.

After this, Aquarius has often been the official drink during the Olympic Games. Meanwhile, the international sports drink Aquarius is actively sold in dozens of countries, making it a leading energy
drink for athletes.

Three different flavours

Three flavours of this sports drink are sold in the Netherlands. Aquarius Sport Isotonic Blue Ice has a refreshing and thirst-quenching fruit flavour. On the other hand, Aquarius Sport Isotonic Cherry has a refreshing and thirstquenching cherry flavour. Aquarius Lemon, on the other hand, has an invigorating lemon flavour.

Individual flavours are sold in each country, depending on market demand. In some countries, the brand even sells water in the widely known Aquarius bottles.

Aquarius with Vitamin B6

Aquarius hydrates the body and it also tastes nice and fresh. These isotonic sports drinks ensure that an athlete gets enough salts in addition to water. In addition, the fast sugars provide physical energy so this sports drink is perfect for use during exercise.

Vitamin B has also been added to the sports drinks. Vitamin B6 is essential for the body's metabolism. This is how amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, are broken down and rebuilt. This is just that extra boost an athlete needs during exercise.

Buy Aquarius cheaply is one of the most comprehensive distributors of soft drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks such as Aquarius. We take a refreshing look at the market and like to think outside the box. This allows us to offer an interesting range of A-brands and emerging brands.

Our innovative way of working allows us to offer all drinks at very attractive prices. Deliveries are made from our warehouse in the Netherlands so that your stock is available very quickly. When you work with us, you will immediately notice that we do our utmost to support you to be successful.

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