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Brasa Beer is a new brand from Curaçao. This refreshing thirst-quencher is a worthy counterpart to other light blonde beers such as Corona and Amstel Bright. This Curaçao lager brings the Antilles very close. So there is finally a real beer brand from Curaçao, brewed by real enthusiasts.

Not for nothing is the popularity of this Antillean lager soaring. On Curaçao, it is already sold in many places, but
sales are also rising fast in the Netherlands. That is why this refreshing alcoholic drink should not be missing from
your range. is a leading distributor of soft drinks and other beverages such as beer. We offer a refreshing range of Abrands and emerging brands. Naturally, Antillean Brasa Beer fits in perfectly with this. We can supply this Curaçao
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Caribbean style

Brasa represents the Curaçao identity where you help each other and give a big hug (brasa) when someone needs support. Brasa Beer is therefore "Caribbean All The Way". With this lager, you really taste the tropical island in this way. Brewed to perfection, the lager is the perfect companion for a night out, on the beach, with friends or just quietly in the backyard.

A very popular brand from Curaçao, Brasa is a new, locally conceived initiative. The beer is brewed in the hilly landscape of South Limburg. The beer brand has its own natural water source so there is always crystal clear water to brew the refreshing lager.

Premium bearing

The brewer behind Brasa Bier has made every effort to bring back the refreshing taste of Curaçao in its lager. Through the crisp natural water with the refined combination of barley and hops, this beer brand has managed to create a unique taste. It is also pure nature without any additives.

Currently, Brasa Bier is still brewed in South Limburg but the idea is to eventually brew the beer entirely on Curaçao so that it becomes a truly local product.

Serve with a slice of lime

Because this beer is lightly brewed, it is the perfect thirst quencher on hot days. It is served ice cold so it is actually refreshing. This lager is served in completely colourless, transparent bottles which also adds to the summery look of this Caribbean beer.

Ideally, Brasa Beer is served with a piece of lime in the bottle neck. This provides extra refreshment and also enhances the flavour of the beer. Besides, it looks really tropical this way, of course, which makes Brasa Beer put someone in a tropical holiday mood.

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