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Hamidiye natural spring water from Turkey is, according to some, the best-kept secret. The taste of this natural spring
water is considered one of the best in the world.

Not for nothing is this Turkish mineral water already exported to more than 40 countries around the world. It is not only the taste of Hamidiye water that is praised but also the story behind this brand that is inextricably linked to the capital Istanbul.

Frisdrank.com also imports this Turkish water brand as an increasing number of consumers in the Netherlands are
asking for this brand of water. Due to Frisdrank.com's smart purchasing system, we can offer this water brand quickly and cheaply.

Natural spring water Hamidiye

The water used for Hamidiye water comes from more than 15 springs that are as much as 200 metres deep. These springs are situated in the Belgrade Forest north of the Turkish capital Istanbul. The water is packed with minerals which gives it its special flavour. It is one of the few mineral waters extracted so deep from the ground.

Belgrade Forest is characterised by several Roman structures such as aqueducts. It is evident that the Romans already recognised the purity of Turkish water. Not for nothing is this brand of water once again slowly conquering the
whole world.

Worldwide popularity Hamidiye

Hamidiye water is drunk all over the world. As many as 20 international airlines serve Hamidiye water to their passengers. KLM was even the first airline to serve Hamidiye natural spring water. This move also contributed significantly to the global brand awareness of the Turkish water brand.

Now, the brand is sold in more than 40 countries. In the Netherlands, too, more and more people are asking for Hamidiye natural spring water. The water is offered in many types of packaging and sizes to appeal to the widest possible target group.

Buying Hamidiye cheaply

Frisdrank.com can source Hamidiye natural spring water cheaply due to our ingenious purchasing system. Our purchasing power enables us to buy this natural spring water cheaply. This benefits you. And your customers, of course. So your customers can switch to Hamidiye natural spring water much more easily.

We stock all products in large quantities so that we can deliver to you very quickly. This allows you to seamlessly integrate your purchasing with our logistics. With our top service, we also ensure that you always have sufficient Hamidiye water in stock.

Thinking about new opportunities

Natural spring water from Hamidiye is just one of the examples of opportunities Frisdrank.com offers you. We are aware of all trends and developments in the market. With growing demand, we foresee that Hamidiye will be available in more and more locations.

Therefore, do not let this opportunity pass you by. Frisdrank.com is happy to be your sparring partner or the field of water, soft drinks and other beverages. You can rely on our expertise so that you no longer have to worry about purchasing drinks. After all, with Frisdrank.com you can be sure of innovation, low prices, fast delivery times and excellent customer service.

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