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Hot drinks

Besides cold (soft) drinks, also specialises in hot drinks. We logically see that the consumption of soft
drinks and alcoholic drinks peaks during the summer months.

Hot drinks are drunk all year round but from autumn
onwards, people consume more hot drinks such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate. It is therefore very important to
recognise this beverage trend. understands this like no other and has a wide range of hot drinks to match consumer demand. We can buy these hot drinks cheaply because of our purchasing power.

In addition, we supply from stock which allows us to deliver quickly.

Buy hot tea

Tea has long since ceased to be the green bag of English tea alone. Roughly speaking, tea can be divided into three categories of hot drinks: herbal tea, green tea and black tea. As far as herbal teas are concerned, there are many varieties such as ginger tea, nettle tea, mint tea, rooibos tea and infusion tea.

There are also different flavours of (fruit) tea available such as forest fruit, strawberry, lemon and cherry. There are also delicious blends of these, the fruit variety. There are also clear trends and developments in the field of tea, such as the rise of matcha tea.

It is important to keep a close eye on these developments in order to capitalise on opportunities.

Types of coffee

Coffee is drunk all year round. And here, too, so many different variations have been added over time. Besides the well-known filter coffee, more and more people have a coffee machine. This can be a simple Senseo or Nespresso or a professional espresso machine.

Coffee is sold in three forms: coffee pods/cups, coarse coffee beans or ground. There is an increasing focus on the origin of coffee and the type of bean.

Popular coffee often comes from Asian countries such as Sri Lanka while more exclusive coffee comes from countries such as Brazil and Colombia. Coffee beans can be divided into three types: Arabica, Robusta and the less common Liberica.

Way of brewing coffee

Besides the type of bean, how coffee is brewed is very important. With filter coffee you don't have many different options but with a machine all the more. There are dozens of ways to brew good coffee.

Often the differences are marginal but each coffee has its own twist. Indeed, with an espresso machine you can make ristretto, espresso, doppio, americano and lungo. The differences have to do with the amount of espresso and the strength of the coffee,
mixed with water or not.

There are also several variants with milk such as macchiato, capuccino or cortado. So everyone has his or her favourite.

Economical hot drinks can source hot drinks such as coffee and tea at bargain prices. We deliver all over Europe, making our market considerable.

Due to our large purchasing volume, we can buy in bulk and thus negotiate very favourable prices. You benefit from this. We keep sufficient stock which enables us to deliver promptly. You will often receive your order within 24 hours.

You can adjust your purchasing system accordingly. Our customer service will do everything to solve your challenges as quickly as possible. We like to think along with you in the field of hot drinks so
that you grow even more in this segment.

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