M&M Pinda drink


M&Ms Peanut are one of the most popular chocolate candies. The iconic yellow bag with the brightly coloured
candies put an instant smile on the face of most. With these chocolate candies, whether you're at a party, want to
enjoy a good film alone or together, or just enjoy them in between.

For fans, Mars Company has introduced something new: M&M's Peanut Drink. An extraordinary chocolate drink with the magnificent taste of coloured chocolate peanuts.

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Classic M&Ms Peanuts

Regular chocolate M&Ms were introduced as early as World War II but not long after that followed the introduction of M&Ms Peanuts. The first versions of these chocolate peanuts were brown but in the 1960s they were coloured. After red, yellow and green chocolate candies, blue and orange colours followed later.

In the Netherlands, these chocolate peanuts were previously known as Treets (the chocolate variant was known as Bonitos). In the 1980s, the name was changed to M&M's Peanuts (and M&M's Choco for the 'regular' variant). The abbreviation stands for Mars & Murrie's who invented these festive chocolate candies. Each chocolate candy is printed with a small 'm' whichever variant is involved.

M&Ms Peanut drink

M&M's Peanut Drink almost matches the taste of the original in terms of flavour. The chocolate drink is made from skimmed milk, water and cocoa powder. By adding roasted peanuts, the taste exactly matches the original taste of the coloured chocolate candies.

A yellow bag of coloured chocolate candies is already a party in itself but the M&M's Peanut Drink is also very festively packaged in a 350ml yellow bottle with sealable sports cap. Very practical if you take the chocolate drink with you on the road so you can always take a sip without spilling. This peanut-flavoured chocolate drink is best served cold so it is best stored in the fridge.

M&M's Choco Drink

Besides this famous Peanut Drink, the classic chocolate M&M's Drink is also available which is just as tasty as the drink with the famous peanut flavour. Almost all Mars Company candy bars have been converted to chocolate drinks, such as Mars, Twix, Snickers, Bounty, Milky Way and Maltesers.

Buy M&Ms Peanut Drink cheap

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