Mentos Drink is a true sensation in the world of soft drinks. This innovative drink, with its unique non-fizzy formula
enriched with jelly bites, offers an unparalleled taste experience. The exciting flavours are inspired by the popular Mentos candies, making it a perfect choice for those looking for something new and refreshing. For this reason alone, Mentos Drink will enrich your range.

At Softdrink.com, we bring Mentos Drink to you. Our range is unique due to our combination of all well-known Abrands
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Refreshing Mentos drinks

The widely known brand Mentos, part of Perfetti Van Melle, now offers refreshing non-fizzy drinks enriched with jelly bites. These unique Mentos drinks are low in sugar and are offered in an elegant, slim 24-cl pack.

The popular Mentos candies are, of course, already in eager demand and the company noticed a need for refreshing drinks with similar flavours as well. The launch has been a great success and Mentos Drinks are eagerly found worldwide. Mentos thus remains constantly committed to creating exceptional brand experiences.

Low in sugar

Mentos' goal was to translate the distinctive fresh taste of Mentos candies into a refreshing drink. In this way, a unique and refreshing drinking experience was created that matches the freshness and quality associated with Mentos. In addition, a conscious choice was made for health and wellness, so all drinks contain a lower sugar
content. In this way, they are also an attractive option for people who consciously opt for less sugar.

Mentos Drink flavours

The new Mentos Drink soft drinks feature different flavour variants inspired by Mentos' popular peppermint and gum flavours. They are offered in elegant 24cl cans for a perfect drinking experience. In terms of flavours, for example, there is the lively Mentos Apple Soda Kick for a fizzy apple experience. Or taste the sunny diversity with
Mentos Fruity Mix, a playful mix of tropical fruits. The classic combination of lemon and mint in Mentos Lemon & Mint is also a very popular choice. These compact tins are ideal for travelling, perfect for a refreshing break at any time of the day.

Buy Mentos Drink cheaply

Add Mentos Drink directly to your range. This flavour explosion is a guaranteed hit as you surprise your target group and also attract new audiences. Through Softdrink.com, you can buy this refreshing drink inexpensively. With our complete range of A-brands and promising emerging brands, we ensure that you are always ahead of the market. In addition, you can always rely on low prices, fast deliveries from our own stock and excellent customer service.
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