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Carbonated Japanese soft drink

Ramune Soda is a popular Japanese soft drink. This Japanese soft drink brand originated in 1884 and was inspired by western lemonade. It was characterised by a ball bottle with a unique glass marble as the closure for this carbonated drink. Ramune Soda is known for the (Japanese) ritual of opening the bottle: when one presses the marble at the top, the glass marble enters a special chamber.

The first factory was established in 1888. Today, Ramune Soda is iconic - both in Japan and abroad - and has several flavours that are taking the world by storm.

Various fruit flavours

Ramune Soda is available in several flavours. The most common flavour is Original, the classic and original flavour of Ramune. As a name, it is derived from the word lemonade. The flavour of the Original variant is light and refreshing with a slightly citrusy taste. All in all, it is a pleasant, not too sweet carbonated drink.

There are also various fruit flavours such as Lemon, Strawberry, Melon, Grape, Orange, Lychee and Blueberry. There is also a drink with mixed flavours: Ramune Mix.

Iconic bottle of Ramune

The bottle is iconic in several ways. Firstly, for its unique shape, but mainly for its ball bottle closure with a glass marble. To open the bottle, one needs to press on the top of the bottle. You can use the special cap for this. This way, one pushes the glass marble into the bottle, leaving the opening completely free. Since some of the carbon dioxide escapes when opening, the marble falls into the wide neck of the bottle.

The design creates a special ritual when opening a bottle of Ramune Soda. Not for nothing has the iconic bottle become a signature part of the experience. It contributes greatly to the popularity and recognisability of this Japanese soft drink.

Ramune advantageous shopping

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