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Ready to Drink cocktails have seen a huge change. Whereas before, they were mole-sweet and full of calories, today there are many brands of ready-to-drink drinks that are low in calories or even completely calorie-free.
In addition, there are also alcohol-free ready-to-drink drinks on the market that totally fit into a responsible lifestyle.

In the market, we see a lot more high-quality, exclusive ready-to-drink drinks coming onto the market. Whereas readyto-drink used to be aimed at mass-market youngsters, we now see it becoming much more exclusive while also appealing to a slightly older target group.

Through, you buy emerging brands of RTD drinks such as URB. Because of's extensive network, you are sure to have access to the most successful brands. In addition, our method guarantees low prices so you know you can rely on our expertise.

Ready to Drink lifestyle

Making a cocktail is great fun, of course, but it takes a lot of time to get all the ingredients together and making the cocktail itself requires some skills. That is why new ready-to-drink cocktails are appearing on the market to meet this need.

Not only does this apply to people who want to make cocktails at home, it also benefits the hospitality industry such as bars. After all, it costs time and money to hire a specialised bartender to mix the finest cocktails. To still offer different cocktails to customers, ready-to-drink cocktails are in great demand.

The big difference from the ready-to-drink cocktails of the past is that it has to fit within a certain lifestyle. After all, it's not just about the alcohol, it's about having a good time together with friends and girlfriends - or alone, to just come to yourself.

Low in calories 

Whereas in the past, ready-to-drink cocktails were mole-sweet because of the many sugars in them, now much less sugar is used. After all, a ready-to-drink cocktail does not have to be mole-sweet, so the taste sensation is greatly improved. Besides, it also makes a huge saving in calories.

Low-calorie ready-to-drink cocktails fit much more into today's lifestyle of watching calories. Without having to leave things out, of course. This way, social life can go on as usual, even while watching the calories.

Ready to drink alcohol-free

A cocktail does not necessarily have to contain alcohol. We already see this in regular cocktails, but also in the readyto-drink market. More and more often, ready-to-drink cocktails are offered alcohol-free, while maintaining the same flavour intensity. A great advantage for people who like alcohol less or want to cut back for a while.

Buying Ready to Drink at a discount 

Through Soft, you have access to a fine range of ready-to-drink cocktails. A range that will appeal to a wide range of customers. This makes it a lot easier to attract new customers to your venue.

Moreover, our prices are low due to our innovative way of working. In this way, you can be sure of an interesting margin. We deliver quickly from stock and our proactive customer service is happy to make things impossible for you.

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