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Raak Vruchtensiroop Grenadine

Raak Vruchtensiroop Grenadine


In the Netherlands, Rivella has firmly established itself as a popular soft drink. With a growing fan base, this soft drink has captured a significant market share in the Netherlands. Therefore, this soft drink should not be missing from your

A key factor contributing to Rivella's popularity is its special flavour. The addition of whey, a by-product of cheese production, gives the drink a unique twist and particularly appeals to fans of natural ingredients. Rivella is also a light and refreshing choice for conscious consumers due to its low calorie count.

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Rivella, a bit strange but tasty

Rivella is an effervescent soft drink from Switzerland and has been around since 1952. What makes this drink so unique is the use of whey, which is a by-product of cheese production. Whey is the remaining liquid part after making cheese. Founder Barth decided to use it to create a refreshing drink. And with success!

The Swiss soft drinks brand emphasises maintaining the quality and authenticity of the product. Despite this focus, the brand adapts flavour to meet changing taste preferences and diversity in individual markets. In doing so, the Swiss soft drinks brand maintains its recognisable look and remains true to its origins in the Swiss dairy tradition.

Rivella is particularly popular in Switzerland. In addition, the brand also enjoys great popularity in other European countries. The recipe has been constantly refined, but the use of whey as a characteristic ingredient has always remained.

Rivella ingredients

Many people wonder if Rivella is healthy and, "what is rivella made of?". This original soft drink has whey as its main ingredient. The secret recipe also includes a mix of herbal extracts and natural flavourings, resulting in the distinctive flavour. The addition of carbonated water gives the drink its fizzy character. The exact blend and proportions are well-kept secrets, but the use of whey makes the soft drink distinctive and popular.

Discover the special flavour

Rivella is a delicious light fizzy soft drink with natural ingredients. It not only offers a refreshing taste, but also contains only 5 calories (per 100 ml). An ideal thirst quencher to take a break from hectic life and enjoy the tranquillity of nature with friends.

This soft drink is available in several varieties and flavours. The most well-known is Rivella Original, the classic and original flavour, made with whey and herbal extracts. There are also other flavours that have been introduced to suit different preferences. For instance, there are variants with raspberry and pineapple.

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