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Rockstar Energy is - after Red Bull and Monster Energy - one of the top three best-selling energy drinks in the world. With its own flavour and proposition, Rockstar Energy appeals to yet another target group, so it can certainly be an interesting addition to your range.

The energy drink Rockstar Energy has no less than 20 flavours so there is a favourite for everyone. With its Zero variants, this US energy drink giant also appeals to people who pay extra attention to their figure or simply do not want to consume sugars.

Soft is one of the leading soft drinks distributors and does so with a surprising range of A-brands and emerging / niche brands. This naturally includes a major energy drink brand such as Rockstar Energy. We can deliver these energy drinks at lightning speed at very low prices thanks to our buying power and innovative approach.

Runner-up energy drink

Rockstar Energy was launched in 2001 as a counterpart to energy drinks market leader Red Bull. At the time, the energy drink market was one of the fastest-growing segments in the US. Rockstar Energy's proposition was to give people with exhausting lifestyles - from athletes to rock stars - an extra boost.

Rockstar Energy's cans were twice the size of Red Bull's but at the same price. Like Red Bull and Monster Energy, Rockstar Energy sponsors various sports and music events.

Acquisition by PepsiCo

By 2007, Rockstar Energy had already managed to be among the top three in the US energy drink market which resulted in a 14% market share in 2008. In 2009, this energy drink was sold in over 20 countries but Rockstar Energy wanted to grow faster and swapped Coca Cola Company for PepsiCo as its distribution partner.

In 2020, PepsiCo finally acquired the energy drink brand from the owners of Rockstar Energy for a billion-dollar sum.

Over 20 flavours

Rockstar Energy Drink is now available in over 20 varieties. The runner-up is of course The Original but Sugar Free is also in great demand. There are also surprising variants such as Zero Carb and Silver Ice. There are also several fruit flavours such as Fruit Punch, Mandarin Orange, Grape and Hardcore Apple.

Like all energy drinks, this American energy drink also has several Zero variants which appeals to different target groups, such as people who want to live healthier, minimise their sugar intake or simply watch their figure.

Buy Rockstar Energy cheaply is the distributor of soft drinks and energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster Energy and Rockstar Energy. Our refreshing approach means we always think outside the box to come up with surprising new brands. That's what makes our range so special so you always have something new to offer your customers.

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