Snickers Drink

Snickers Drink


Snickers is an unbeatable classic with an unmistakable taste. This candy bar with real peanuts satisfies the hearty
appetite and is unprecedentedly popular with young and old. For the real fans there is also a new invention: Snickers drink. This drink tastes exactly like the original, so you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere when you need to satisfy your hearty appetite.

Soft drinks connect supply and demand with a fresh perspective on the market. Besides popular soft drinks, we
also offer product innovations so that you can capitalise on new trends. With a large dose of positive energy, we drive innovation. This way, you can enrich your range with special drinks such as the Snickers drink.

Our economies of scale and refreshing way of distribution enable us to work efficiently like no other. This enables us
to offer drinks such as Snickers drink at very favourable prices so that your margin is very interesting. Moreover, we
deliver quickly from our Dutch warehouse, so you can always count on us for your supplies.

Snickers drink for the hearty appetite

Snickers satisfies hearty cravings because 'you're not yourself when you're hungry'. Not for nothing is this candy bar a widely known energy boost when one is momentarily low on energy. This filled chocolate bar includes nougat, caramel and peanuts and is coated in milk chocolate. A very unique flavour, therefore, to take a moment to yourself.

The taste of the Snickers drink is almost identical to the original Snickers bar. The base of this chocolate drink is made of skimmed milk and water combined with cocoa. The unique Snickers flavour is obtained by adding roasted peanuts, among other ingredients.

Snickers drink conveniently packaged

The choco drinks are practically packaged in a 350ml bottle with sports cap. This way, the bottle can be taken anywhere and anytime without any worries. The handy cap allows it to be sealed easily and hygienically. We recommend always storing the Snickers drink in the fridge. After all, it should ideally be served cold for optimal
drinking pleasure.

Other chocolate drinks

Snickers belongs to Mars Company, which is why not only this candy bar is available as a chocolate drink. Almost all other Mars Company candy bars are available as chocolate drinks. These include chocolate drinks from Mars, Twix, Bounty, Milky Way and Skittles, among others, but M&Ms is also available in two chocolate drink flavours: M&M's Choco and M&M's Peanuts.

Snickers drink buy cheap

At, you can buy Snickers drink cheaply. This is due to our economies of scale and innovative way of distribution. We pass on our advantages directly to you so that you can make the most of them.

We like to keep you informed about international developments and new trends so you can continue to surprise your customers. Just like with the Snickers drink and the other chocolate drinks from the Mars Company.

We deliver almost all products quickly from our warehouse in the Netherlands. Therefore, you can always rely on our supply. Our customer service ensures that you are always at your beck and call.

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