Takis is a sensational flavour explosion from Mexico. Its intense spices, crunchy texture and varied flavours have made Takis wildly popular worldwide. Also in the Netherlands! With convenient portability and a plethora of choices, there is a flavour for everyone. There are even gluten-free options.

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Mexican snacks

The story of Takis snacks began in 1999 in Mexico, where the brand was founded by Grupo Bimbo which is one of the world's largest food producers. Grupo Bimbo decided to introduce a new, bold snack that would challenge the taste buds.

The name "Takis" was a tribute to the Aztec leader Cuahtémoc whose name means "sword" in the Nahuatl language. The Aztecs were known for their fighting spirit and they wanted to create that same determination with this the new snack.

Together with experts, the perfect formula was developed to create a snack that is both crunchy, tangy and full of flflavour. This resulted in the iconic roll shape. The snack is made of corn dough and flavoured with intense herbs and spices.

International success

Takis soon became a big hit in Mexico and new flavours were soon in demand. Through Grupo Bimbo's international network, Takis could also be quickly rolled out to other countries. The Mexican brand gained cult status in many countries, which helped it gain fame at lightning speed. This was also due to the bold marketing campaigns that appealed to young people.

Now Takis is one of the world's most popular snack brands while staying true to its origins with its spicy, crispy rolls. Its success story is full of boldness, innovation and flavour. As such, it remains a favourite for those looking for a snacking experience that is anything but boring.

Flavours Takis

Takis offers a variety of flavours for its popular crispy rolls. Takis' most well-known and popular flavours include Fuego, Nitro, Salsa Brava and Xplosion. But Zombie, Blue Heat, Guacamole and Wild also find eager demand. Therefore, there is always a flavour for anyone who likes a little spice.

Takis advantageous purchase

Takis is a brand that should not be missing from your range. Their irresistible taste, varied options and convenient packaging make Takis a favourite choice for your customers.

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