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The energy drink market has exploded in recent years, with new brands popping up like mushrooms. It is almost impossible, and perhaps undesirable, to include all brands in our range but we are always on the lookout for the
gems and Tiger Energy Drink is one such gem.

In Poland, Tiger Energy Drink is one of the most popular energy drinks and this may also be due to the reference to Polish boxer Dariusz 'Tiger' Michalczewski. Besides, this Polish energy drink gives a real energy boost so you can get back into the swing of things. The brand is also growing rapidly in the Netherlands, so it is highly recommended to include this energy drink in your range.

Frisdrank.com is one of the largest soft drinks distributors with a refreshing range of soft drinks and energy drinks
ranging from A-brands to emerging brands. Tiger Energy Drinks is an excellent fit with this due to the high growth it is experiencing. We can offer these Polish energy drinks at lightning speed at very low prices due to our smart sourcing and innovative logistics system.

A quick power boost

Tiger Energy Drink is aimed at athletes and other people who demand the utmost of their physical or mental performance. By adding caffeine, the drinker gets a big boost, so to speak. In addition, this energy drink also contains plenty of vitamin B and taurine which also wakes up the body.

This energy drink comes in convenient 20 cl cans for easy carrying. Moreover, one can equals 1 dose which is just enough to get back into the swing of things.

An ode to Dariusz 'Tiger' Michalczewski

Tiger is a reference to the nickname of Polish boxer Dariusz 'Tiger' Michalczewski. This also fitted perfectly with the strategy of targeting the (Polish) sportsmen's market. Incidentally, in 2010, the energy drink brand was acquired by Polish food conglomerate Maspex, so the brand is also growing more internationally.

Popular among Poles in the Netherlands

Many Poles living in the Netherlands love Tiger Energy Drink. Therefore, this Polish energy drink can be a valuable addition to your range to serve your existing customers or to attract new ones. Incidentally, this drink is also very popular among non-Polish people.

Tiger Energy Drink buy cheap

Frisdrank.com is the premier distributor of soft drinks and energy drinks such as Tiger Energy Drink. Because we are constantly looking for new opportunities, we come up with such a diverse and special range. By combining A-brands with niche products, you can always surprise your customer with something new.

Our refreshing way of working also enables us to use our purchasing power to negotiate very low prices like no other.
In addition, because we keep our own costs very low and we have our own logistics system, we can offer you very interesting margins. This way, you will also be able to make regular cheap Tiger energy drinks offers to attract new customers to your location.

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