Toblerone's world-famous Swiss chocolate is best known for its unique triangular shape and delectable mix of milk
chocolate, nougat, almonds and honey. This chocolate guarantees quality and innovation. Therefore, Toblerone's
irresistible appeal is an excellent opportunity to boost your range.

At Frisdrank.com, we offer a surprising combination of A-brands and emerging brands of soft drinks and snacks such as Toblerone chocolate. Our innovative and efficient way of working enables us to keep prices low like no other. Thanks to our innovative way of organising our logistics, we can deliver from stock at lightning speed. Our customer service is also extremely proactive. Frisdrank.com is therefore your partner in drinks and snacks.

Iconic Swiss chocolate

Toblerone was coined in 1908 in Bern, Switzerland. The name "Toblerone" was an inventive composition of the words Tobler and torrone. Hereby, Tobler is the surname of one of the founders and torrone means nougat in Italian. The unique composition of this chocolate bar was thus a reality.

Theodor Tobler's family was already involved in the chocolate industry. He himself was innovative and experimented
with different recipes. His breakthrough came when he came up with Toblerone's unique mix of milk chocolate,
nougat, almonds and honey.

This recipe was innovative in taste, but the shape was also groundbreaking. Together with co-founder Baumann, Tobler developed the chocolate bar's distinctive triangular shape. This was inspired by the striking shape of the mountain peak of the Matterhorn, which lies in the Swiss Alps.

Symbol high quality

From the beginning, Toblerone's mission was to offer a unique, high-quality chocolate experience. The innovative approach combined with the unique shape and packaging allowed Toblerone to clearly differentiate itself from other chocolate brands.

Toblerone soon became a big brand in Switzerland. This was followed by exports to other countries where it also became popular. Today, Toblerone is not only a symbol of Swiss quality but also of the capacity for innovation in the chocolate industry.

Toblerone variants

Toblerone is available in different sizes and packaging. For example, there is a chocolate box with 20 bars of 100 grams each. This packaging is ideal for offering a full-size Toblerone candy bar.
There is also a chocolate box with 24 bars of 35g each.

These smaller bars are excellent as snacks or treats. They are also ideal for resale in cafés, canteens or retail outlets, for example. These 35-gram bars offer the same rich flavour and quality, but in a more convenient size. Both options are packaged in the distinctive packaging, making them instantly recognisable to consumers.

Buy Toblerone cheaply

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