Twix Drink

Twix Drink


For most true lovers of candy bars, Twix is one of the favourites. Not least because of the two unique bars that are packaged together. So ideal for sharing with others. For these lovers, there is excellent news: now there is also Twix Drink, a delicious chocolate drink with the unique taste of the original chocolate bar. is the beverage distributor with one of the largest ranges of soft drinks and other beverages. Not only
can you come to us for the best-selling brands, you will also find niche products and emerging brands. One example is Twix Drink, which is making a big splash in the Netherlands. We like to share the latest trends with you so that you are always aware of the biggest opportunities in the market.

Moreover, we can deliver Twix Drink to you very cheaply due to our refreshing way of working. Not only are we able
to get this choco drink at the cheapest places because of our economies of scale. Our logistics are also very efficient, from which you will reap the benefits. Not for nothing do more and more customers know how to find us.

Drinkable Twix bars

A packet of Twix consists of two oblong biscuits with a thick layer of caramel which are covered in milk chocolate. This candy bar is originally a British chocolate bar and was formerly known as Raider. In the US market, it was introduced under the name Twix, an amalgamation of 'twin' and 'biscuits' or 'twin biscuits'. In the 1990s, it was decided to adopt this name around the world.

The Twix drink flavour matches the taste of the original bars in sublime fashion. This chocolate drink is made of skimmed milk, water and cocoa powder. With the addition of caramel, among other ingredients, the taste of the drink exactly matches the original Twix flavour.

Twix drinks practically packed

The original bars are already known for the quirky packaging of the two oblong chocolate bars, but the Twix drink is also very practically packaged.

It is offered in a 350ml bottle pack and is sealed with a practical sports cap. This way, one takes the Twix drink with them anytime and anywhere without spilling. It is recommended to keep this chocolate drink in the fridge. After all, this chocolate drink is at its tastiest when cold.

Mars Company candy bar drinks 

Not only is the Twix a classic when it comes to filled chocolate bars, Mars Company - its parent company - has many other candy bars that are also offered as chocolate drinks. Mars, Snickers, Bounty, Milky Way, Skittles and M&Ms, among others, are also available as chocolate drinks.

Buy Twix drink cheaply is a leading distributor of drinks such as Twix drink. With a combination of major and emerging brands, you are assured of an interesting range that will surprise your customers every time.

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