Uludag is mainly known for its legendary Uludag Gazoz soft drinks. But it is also the oldest producer of spring water in

The international popularity of this Turkish drinks manufacturer is evident from the fact that its (soft) drinks
are exported to as many as 30 countries. In the Netherlands too, it is frequently requested by consumers and you can get it in more and more places.

That is why also offers this Turkish (soft) drink. We buy Uludag drinks smartly so that we can offer advantageous prices. In addition, we deliver quickly from stock so you never run out.

Uludag spring water

Uludag is one of the most important spring water producers in Turkey. In fact, it is the oldest producer of spring water, having been extracted for more than 100 years in the Uludag mountains, just south of Bursa.

The water has a distinctive taste and is particularly refreshing. The spring water comes to the surface at an altitude of 1,800 metres
and is transported 40 kilometres via a certified pipeline to the factory where it is bottled.

This natural spring water is one of the softest natural spring waters available. Naturally, there is also a variant with sparkling water. The specially designed bottles are iconic and really belong to the brand.

Uludag Gazoz

Uludag Gazoz is a refreshing, carbonated, fruit-flavoured Turkish lemonade. Turkish soft drink Uludag Gazoz has been offered as a tasty soft drink since 1932. The formula of the soft drink Uludag Gazoz has been kept as a great family secret for 4 generations.

The soft drink is produced with various fruit flavours. The base of this soft drink is, of course, Uludag spring water.

This is supplemented with granulated sugar derived from granulated sugar beet. Characteristic of Uludag Gazoz is its famous bottle, reminiscent of days gone by.

Uludag Gazoz flavours

The brand owes its popularity to the classic lemon-flavoured Uludag Gazoz (Legendary Uludağ Gazoz). Soon, an orange-flavoured version was also launched (Orange).

In addition, there are special variants such as Ginger, Tonic,
Strawberry and Sarı (with 4% orange juice). There is also a sugar-free variant for those who cannot or do not want to consume sugar. This sugar-free variant comes in both lemon and orange.

To water and soft drinks, Uludag incidentally also offers lemonades and energy drinks. So you can see that Uludag has a very surprisingly wide range.

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