A&E Drink is a brand that is wildly popular in the United States and increasingly popular in the Netherlands too. Its
unique refreshing, flavourful root beer flavour has captured the hearts of many. Therefore, A&W Drink is a special brand that can give your range a big boost.

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Nostalgic A&W Restaurants

A&W has been a well-known US fast food restaurant brand since 1919. The brand once started in California as a root beer stand. Root beer is a soft drink with the special flavour of sassafras root. The number of restaurants grew rapidly due to the attractive franchise model. The brand became best known for its root beer, which was freshly tapped in the restaurants, served in special mugs.

A&W is an iconic brand in the United States today with its nostalgic look that harks back to the 50s and 60s when drive-in restaurants were very popular. Many restaurants have retained that retro style, with waitresses on roller skates and vintage décor. Apart from restaurants, root beer remains a popular soft drink that is also sold in supermarkets.

Flavours A&W

A&W is widely known for its root beer and cream soda soft drinks. Besides the original flavours, the brand has also created sugar-free versions. All flavours are offered in 33.5cl cans, among others:

A&W USA Root Beer

Arguably the brand's most iconic product, A&W Root Beer is known as a classic root beer soft drink. With its deep brown colour and complex flavour profile, bringing together sassafras root, vanilla and spices, it offers a unique and nostalgic taste experience.

A&W USA Zero Sugar Root Beer

Zero Sugar Root Beer represents the sugar-free version of the classic original. This root beer soft drink maintains the
rich flavour palette of traditional root beer, but without added sugars. This makes it the perfect option for people who
want to enjoy the nostalgic taste of root beer but avoid sugar.

A&W USA Cream Soda

A&W Cream Soda is a refreshing and creamy soft drink known for its sweet vanilla flavour. The drink has a bright, pale pink colour and a smooth texture. In terms of flavour, it combines vanilla notes with subtle hints of caramel and cream, and it has an invigorating carbonated kick.

A&W USA Zero Sugar Cream Soda

Zero Sugar Cream Soda is the sugar-free version of the original cream soda. This zero sugar variant retains the distinctive creamy vanilla flavour but without added sugars. It is a conscious choice for people who want to avoid sugar and still offers the familiar vanilla and caramel flavours.

Buying A&W Drinks cheaply

Add A&W to your range to offer your customers something special. Soft drinks.com is always ready to meet your desire for innovation. Our unique combination of A-brands with niche products allows you to boost your turnover with us. We also deliver at lightning speed and keep prices as low as possible to offer you an attractive margin. Rely on our expertise in soft drinks and we will be happy to think along with you.

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