Sourcy stands for a healthy lifestyle. This involves regular exercise, healthy eating and also drinking enough. Therefore, this water brand lends a helping hand to drinking enough water. Should anyone find it difficult to drink enough water every day, Sourcy has some healthy fruit-flavoured variants. This way, this drink is a responsible addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Sourcy water should therefore not be missing from your range. A truly Dutch product with several variants that appeal to different target groups. This way, you make your range a lot more interesting for both existing and new customers. is a distributor of Sourcy water. Because of our purchasing volume, we are able to buy this water as
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Natural spring water

Sourcy is proud of the Dutch spring from which its water is sourced. Because of the name, one might expect the spring water to come from the Belgian Ardennes but nothing could be further from the truth. Today, Sourcy's water source is located at the foot of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

This spring water is as much as 1,250 years old and is constantly replenished with fresh water. Like rainwater that seeps through the different layers of soil, thus being naturally filtered and purified.

The great advantage of this method of natural purification is that all kinds of minerals found in the soil are absorbed along the way. When the water reaches the clay layers, it flows slowly to the source at the foot of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug where the water is then extracted.

The source of the natural mineral water is located no less than 130 metres underground. Sourcy water is then bottled unfiltered.

Different variants

Besides Sourcy Mineral Water Natural (Sourcy blue) and Sparkling (Sourcy red), Sourcy also has several variants, also all with natural spring water.

Fruit-flavoured water

Sourcy Sparkling with Flavour consists of carbonated natural mineral water combined with natural fruit flavours. Lightly sparkling with the natural taste of fresh fruit. In this way, drinking water is surprising and also contains no calories so it fits into a healthy lifestyle. This sparkling variant is available in the flavours pear, lemon and raspberry.

Sourcy Vitaminwater is deliciously refreshing water and that without sugar. Vitaminwater is made from carbonated spring water with a light fruit flavour and vitamins have also been added. This natural fruit drink contains no sugar or artificial flavours and colours and is therefore fully compatible with a healthy lifestyle. Vitaminwater is available in the flavours mango guava, blackberry acal and raspberry pomegranate.

Sourcy inexpensive shopping is an international distributor of soft drinks and water. Because of our innovative way of working, we are able to offer Sourcy water to you as cheaply as possible. Working with us is also extremely easy due to our genius customer service and lightning-fast deliveries from stock.

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