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Canada Dry is a special soft drink that undoubtedly deserves an exclusive place on the shelf. With Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Tonic, among others, you target the upper end of the soft drinks market. Not only in combination with mixed drinks but certainly also pure as a thirst quencher. The Zero Sugar variants also fit perfectly within a low-calorie lifestyle.

Canada Dry may seem less accessible than other soft drinks due to its exclusive nature but at Soft, we like to think outside the box and make it more accessible for you, which is why you can easily get Canada Dry at Soft too. works in an efficient, innovative way and therefore we are able to source and distribute soft drinks in an economical way. This benefits you as we pass on all the advantages to you. This way, you can complement your
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Ginger ale with a story

Canada Dry has been owned by Keurig Dr Pepper since 2008 but has been making ginger ale and other soft drinks and mixers for over 100 years. As the name suggests, this soft drink is originally from Canada, but it is now produced all over the world.

The "Dry" in the name of Canada Dry refers to the soft drink being less sweet. When the very first Canada Dry Pale Ginger Ale was sold in 1904, this soft drink was much less sweet than other ginger ales. Ginger Ale's great success came when, three years after its introduction, the drink was embraced by the royal house of Canada. It was then that the crown also appeared on the logo.

Another boost in the popularity of Canada Dry was Prohibition in the United States in the 1920s. As a result, people started looking for soft drinks that could be mixed well with illegally distilled alcohol. Ginger ale turned out to be perfect for that.

Over the years, Canada Dry has nevertheless focused on the upper end of the market by continuing to position itself as an exclusive champagne and soda.

Different flavours

Ginger ale from Canada Dry comes in differences flavours and varieties such as Bold Ginger Ale, Cranberry, Blackberry and mixes with Orangeade, Lemonade and Green Tea. In addition, Canada Dry's Club Soda, Tonic Water and Sparkling Seltzer Water, among others, are also available.

Zero Sugar 

Even though ginger ale was previously introduced as a less sweet soft drink, a Zero Sugar line has been created. This fits much more with the trend of many consumers watching their health and calories. Besides the Zero Sugar Ginger Ale, there is also a Cranberry Ginger Ale Zero Sugar.

Buy Canada Dry cheap

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