Mirinda is a classic orange soft drink from Spain. One sip instantly makes you feel like you are in sunnier climes. The
soft drink brand - which incidentally is now part of PepsiCo - is no longer just that orange drink from Spain; it is available in many different surprising fruit flavours. A sunny addition to your range, then.

Mirinda is a very strong soft drink brand in Spain that is in high demand despite little marketing effort. This soft drink
brand is also widely sold in the Netherlands. Certainly people who are frequent visitors to Spain are naturally familiar with this brand.

Frisdrank.com is one of the largest soft drink distributors in the Netherlands with a unique range of A-brands and
emerging brands. Therefore, a special Spanish soft drink brand like Mirinda fits in perfectly to give the range some
extra colour. Thanks to our buying power as an  international soft drink distributor, we can deliver this Spanish soft drink quickly from stock and at very favourable prices.

Spanish orange soft drink

Mirinda is a Spanish soft drink brand created in 1959 and it was an instant success. Mirinda means "admirable" or "amazing" in Esperanto and this soft drink is undoubtedly that. Its great success in Spain did not escape even PepsiCo, which acquired the brand in 1970 to compete with Coca Cola Company's fruity soft drinks like Fanta and Sunkist.

Mirinda is a widely known Spanish soft drink brand that still evokes a lot of positive feelings in people. This is due to a combination of some nostalgia and, of course, a deliciously refreshing taste.

Various fruit flavours

The originally Spanish soft drink Mirinda is available in various fruit flavours such as orange, citrus, apple, strawberry, pineapple, passion fruit, mandarin, pear and watermelon. Of course, the best-selling variant of Mirinda still remains orange - Mirinda Orange.

A soft drink with real fans

PepsiCo bought Mirinda in 1970 and turned it into a major international brand. However, when PepsiCo bought the - also Spanish - soft drink brand Kas in 1992, it decided only to commercialise Kas further. This caused a stir among customers who turned out to be genuine fans.

Not for nothing is Mirinda still a major soft drink brand, not only in Spain but around the world, without any major marketing efforts.

Buy Mirinda cheaply

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