Grolsch beer has become an icon because of its distinctive swing-top bottle, among other things. In addition, the taste of Grolsch beer is special because of the unique brewing process of this brewer from the east of the country. Not for nothing is it the second most served beer in the Dutch hospitality industry after Heineken. A beer brand that should not be missing from your assortment.

Grolsch is of course known for Grolsch Premium Pilsner, but has also developed several variants such as Weizen,
Radler and non-alcoholic beer. In this way, the brewery appeals to the widest possible target group, which may also be of interest to you. is a distributor of Grolsch beer. Our international network and the volume of our sales market enable us to buy and distribute this beer as cheaply as possible. We pass on our purchasing advantages to you, giving you a good margin and allowing you to make interesting Grolsch offers to your customers.

Rich history

This brewery was created when Peter Cuyper became master of the Grolsche brewing guild in 1676. After several takeovers and mergers, the brewery was renamed Grolsche Bierbrouwerijen in the early 20th century.

In 1995, the brewer received the designation Royal in appreciation of the international position for the beer brand. In 2009, the Dutch brewer was acquired by South African brewer SABMiller after which it was sold back to Japan's Asahi, the
world's sixth-largest beer brewer, in 2016.

Unique flavour

Grolsch makes low-fermentation pilsner beer with an alcohol content of 5%. Grolsch Premium Pilsner is brewed with two types of hops, one for bitterness and one for aroma. Therefore, the beer is characterised by the rich and pleasant slightly bitter finish of the pilsner.

Variants of beer

Grolsch Weizen is made from a blend of wheat and barley malt combined with the original German Weizen yeast and Magnum bitter hops. This unique combination makes this wheat beer taste fresh and flavourful at the same time. This Weizen is golden and refreshingly sparkling with spicy aromas of cloves and ripe fruit.

The Grolsch Radler is a refreshing combination of real beer with real fruit juice. This actually gives the flavour substance. Radler is available with an alcohol content of 2% and an alcohol-free variant is also made. Thanks to the carefully selected ingredients, there is a perfect balance between the citric acidity, malty sweetness and pleasant bitterness. This makes Radler both refreshing and thirst-quenching.

By using a special yeast and some innovative brewing techniques, the Dutch brewer managed to brew an alcohol-free beer without compromising on full flavour. This alcohol-free beer has a full but fresh, hoppy taste with a very pleasant aftertaste. Not for nothing did the beer brand receive the Gold Medal for this alcohol-free beer at the European Beer Star competition and Grolsch 0.0% was voted 'Dutch Best Light Beer' at the World Beer Awards.

Grolsch offers

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