Warhead sour

Warhead Sour


Warheads Sour actually kind of gives away that this soft drink tastes enormously sour. Not for nothing is this soft drink hugely popular among children in the United States and Australia, among others. And in the Netherlands, too, the brand is becoming increasingly well-known. That is why Warheads Sour should definitely not be missing from your range.

This refreshingly sour soft drink is based on the candy of the same name that originated in Taiwan. The brand has been around since 1975, but now it has also been made into an uplifting sour drink which is also very popular among
children. The brand is therefore booming.

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Origin Warheads Sour

Of course, the name Warheads already suggests that this must be something very explosive. The logo completes it and also partly explains its popularity among children. The sour taste comes from the citric acid used.

Due to its extreme sour taste, the taste buds react immediately. Its popularity is also partly explained because many competitions are held to see who can keep the most warheads in his or her mouth. Who has the most resistant taste buds?

So now there is also a drink - Warheads Sour - and it is a guaranteed success at children's parties. If you want to offer something new to your customers that will undoubtedly catch on, Warheads Sour is the way to go.

Five popping flavours

Warheads Sour is offered in five exciting flavours: black cherry soda, green apple soda, lemon soda, blue berry soda and watermelon soda.

The flavours are as exciting as the sweets themselves, which is why children actively demand them. Of course, this is also because the 355ml cans look very attractive with the popping colours and the so characteristic logo of this soft drink for children.

Ingredients soda

Warheads Sour consists mainly of carbonated water, sugar and citric acid. Natural flavouring is also included. The drink contains 42 calories per 100 ml. Incidentally, this American soft drink also contains preservatives and colourings.

Purchase Warheads Sour cheaply

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