The Netherlands is originally a real potato country. An average Dutchman eats over 80 kilos of potatoes a year, and it is no coincidence that a lot of crisps are also consumed. On average, every Dutch person eats no less than 2 kilos of crisps per month. No wonder there are so many different brands with even more diverse flavours nowadays. is a distributor of both drinks and snacks. Therefore, you can come to for everything around crisps. Thanks to our smart way of distributing, we are able to offer our products to you at a very favourable price.

That is why more and more buyers know how to find us. is known not only for its advantageous prices, but also for its lightning-fast deliveries from our warehouse in the Netherlands and exceptional customer service.

Chips since 1953

Chips were actually invented by accident in 1953. Railway magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt asked for jacket potatoes at an American restaurant and kept finding them too thick so he kept sending them back to the kitchen.

The cook then sliced the potatoes so thin that they could no longer be pricked with a fork. Vanderbilt raved about them and other customers also appeared to find them delicious. Thus, these thinly sliced potatoes got a place on this restaurant's menu for the first time.

It was not until the 1950s that crisps were introduced in the Netherlands. Its basis, of course, is the potato and the challenge is that only the best quality potatoes suffice to cut (and fry) such thin slices. It is therefore a truly natural product which partly explains its great success.

Chips types

Previously, there were not many different flavours to choose from. There were paprika chips and the normal salted version and that's what one had to make do with before. Now there are hundreds, if not thousands of flavours to choose from so there is always something for everyone.

Think, for example, of flavours of Pringles such as Sour Cream & Onion, Ketchup, Hot & Spicy, Cheese & Onion, BBQ Sauce, Honey Mustard and Sweet Chili. There are therefore flavours for every occasion to make the moment special.

Healthy chips

Many chips are a calorie bomb because of the fat used to fry them. Even though there is nothing wrong with eating them, though obviously in moderation, the call for healthy chips is great. That is why many responsible varieties have been created such as oven-baked chips and kettle chips.

Potatoes are normally deep-fried and with these healthier versions, no or much less oil is used. Therefore, the calorie content of these types of healthy chips is a lot lower. This explains why these varieties are rocketing in popularity.

Buying chips cheaply is one of the largest distributors of drinks and snacks. With the expansion of our product range, we can provide you with more and more around drinks and snacks. We have an extensive international network so we are the first to know about new snacks trends that we would like to inform you about.

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