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Heineken is the undisputed market leader in the Netherlands but this export beer is also widely appreciated outside our country. This Dutch beer is the most consumed in the on-trade and is therefore not missing from any assortment.

Frisdrank.com is a distributor of Heineken beer and because of our international purchasing organisation combined with our buying power, we are able to source this beer in the best possible way for you. We pass on our purchasing advantages to you so that you are left with an attractive margin with which you can regularly make a Heineken offer to attract new customers to your location.

Deliciously Bright Heineken

Heineken lager has been brewed since 1873, but the parent group has long been more than just dependent on it. Indeed, Heineken NV now operates in as many as 190 countries and owns over 300 beer brands. This makes the Dutch beer group the second-largest brewery in the world.

Heineken beer

Heineken Pilsener is so-called bottom-fermenting beer, or lager. The taste of lager is dominated by the special yeast used. In addition, it is a full-malt beer made with only barley malt. This is partly why the beer has a typical taste compared to other pilsners. Not for nothing is Heineken also the most served beer in the Dutch hospitality industry. The green bottle is also iconic and recognised by almost everyone.

Beer variants

Heineken has few variations, at least in flavour. After all, the flavour is unique and iconic and will not be supplemented by all kinds of special variants or flavours.

However, Heineken has created a non-alcoholic beer that comes very close to the taste of the original. The master brewers spent a long time brewing and tasting to come up with an alcohol-free beer with a refreshing and fruity taste, and that combined with a mild aftertaste.

Heineken is also paying close attention to the presentation and serving of beer. First of all, a green bottle was chosen instead of the usual brown bottle to underline the exclusivity of this export beer. There is also of course the draught beer in the on-trade, but the beer brand has also made home draught possible with the Blade and The Sub, among others, in collaboration with Krups.


Heineken is a rock-solid brand around the world and you can get it virtually in every corner of the globe. The beer stands for conviviality, which is why the beer brand no longer just focuses on alcoholic beer, but many advertising campaigns now emphasise alcohol-free beer. The rise of non-alcoholic beer is happening at lightning speed, so it makes sense that the beer company is putting much more emphasis on it as well. After all, the fame of the original
green bottle is optimal.

Heineken offers

Frisdrank.com's purchasing model is set up for large volumes. We are therefore able to offer you advantageous prices like no other, giving you the scope to make interesting Heineken offers. We deliver at lightning speed from stock so that your order is delivered the next day. Our customer service makes it impossible for us to fully adapt to your logistic requirements.

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