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URB is a new non-alcoholic drink that opens a whole new world. It is the very first non-alcoholic cocktail with a character all its own. This urban drink fits perfectly into the lifestyle of many young people who do not want to drink alcohol. Not least because of alcohol's high calorie count. So with URB drinks, you no longer have to worry about that at all.

And then the taste. These organic drinks have the layering of an alcoholic beverage combined with some intriguing
flavours. Not for nothing is URB on a rapid rise and this urban drink is eagerly found in nightlife and beyond.

Therefore, this luxury drink should definitely not be missing from your range. You can get this urban drink easily and cheaply through Frisdrank.com. Thanks to our innovative way of purchasing, you are always assured of low prices. So you not only have a special new product to offer, but also a very interesting margin.

Intriguing flavours of URB

URB is offered with three different intriguing flavours: Amsterdam - a fresh translation of gin tonic with citrus and juniper, Shanghai - with passion flower, sencha tea and a hint of rhubarb, and Berlin - an intense drink where the flavours of wine and beer come together in a special way.

An organic mix of various fruits combined with specially selected herbs was chosen for this non-alcoholic cocktail drink. This is how they arrived at these unique flavours with a raw urban edge.

Even though URB is 100% alcohol-free, this drink is perfect for use in cocktails. This way, whole new flavour combinations are created. Old classics therefore get a fresh boost with URB.

Low in calories

URB contains very little sugar and still offers a characterful taste. Therefore, 100ml of the drink contains only 18 calories. In this way, it really is a responsible drink. And it is also a 100% vegan drink.

This urban cocktail is very popular in nightlife for a reason. Now, with URB, the BOB also finally has a drink that is a joy to drink! URB's cans are ready to drink, so you can actually take it with you wherever you go.

Excellent for foodpairing

Due to its full-bodied character, URB premixed virgin drinks are also suitable for food pairing. The intense flavours bring out the best in dishes. A glass of URB Berlin goes perfectly with spicy dishes, for instance, while a glass of URB Shanghai is the perfect accompaniment to lunch. If you enjoy a salad, a glass of premixed drink URB Amsterdam goes perfectly with it!

URB easy and economical procurement

Frisdrank.com takes a fresh look at the drinks market. We buy smart and are up to date with the latest news like this virgin RTD. That's why you'll find an exceptional range of drinks with us, and at a low price.

We are known for delivering at lightning speed and our customer service makes the impossible possible. This way, you can always have blind faith in our expertise.

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