Minute Maid


Minute Maid is a household name when it comes to concentrated fruit juices. The success of this US juice brand is that the juice is 100% concentrated fruit juice, squeezed from ripe, natural fruits. Therefore, it virtually rivals the taste of fresh fruit juice. Not for nothing is this fruit drink sold frequently around the world.

Minute Maid should definitely not be missing from your range either, if only for the fact that this is a premium brand. In addition, this fruit juice also suits a healthy lifestyle as it contains no added sugars.

For this reason, this fruit drink is authentic, timeless and simply delicious. Frisdrank.com is not only the leading distributor of soft drinks but also in the field of fruit juices. With a special range of A-brands and emerging brands, we ensure that you can surprise your customers with special new products. We can also offer the drinks at very low prices.

Fruit juice from Minute Maid

Founded in 1945 in the US, Minute Maid was the very first company to market concentrated orange juice. As much as 80% of the water is extracted from the juice before it is frozen so it can be transported more easily. On arrival, water is added again, without any other additives, after which the juice is bottled.

The fact that Minute Maid should be drunk within 7 days of opening the bottle shows that it is ultimately fresh juice. Needless to say, this fresh fruit juice is best served cold for the best taste experience.

Part of Coca Cola Company

The fact that Minute Maid made a name for itself in such a short time did not escape even the big soft drink companies. This led to the fruit juice brand being acquired by the Coca Cola company as early as 1960. This takeover started the brand's international expansion and it is available in almost the entire world.

Flavours of fruit juices

Few fruit juices match the taste of real fruit juice as well as Minute Maid. Purely natural with no sugar, preservatives or other additives.

Minute Maid comes in several other flavours besides the classic orange-flavoured Minute Maid Orange. Minute Maid Pink Grapefruit, Minute Maid Apple and Minute Maid Tropical are three other flavours that are eagerly sought after. There are also several other flavours of special fruits.

Buy Minute Maid cheaply

Frisdrank.com distributes soft drinks and fruit juices such as Minute Maid. We offer a refreshing range of fruit juices and soft drinks, a combination of A-brands and emerging brands. This way, we continue to surprise you and you can also constantly offer your customers something new. We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and are happy to inform you of new openings when we see them.

Because of the way we work, we are able to offer you the most interesting prices. This also allows you to occasionally offer cheap Minute Maid deals to attract customers to your establishment. We can do this thanks to our international network so that we buy all products where they are cheapest. We can also negotiate the best rates because of our economies of scale. This in turn fully benefits you!

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