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Monster energy


Unleash the beast in you with Monster Energy! Monster Energy is the most energetic drink in the world due to its
unique combination of ingredients. The taste of this energy drink is intense but mild at the same time.

For good reason, it is a very popular drink that is especially popular among young people. The drink is undoubtedly the
number one energy drink in the United States. deliberately offers Monster Energy because its modus operandi is unique.

This rebellious character fits perfectly with the vision. Moreover, we can offer Monster Energy very cheaply due to our innovative purchasing system. We deliver at lightning speed from our own stock so you can trust us blindly.

Quirky Monster Energy

Monster Energy operates differently from other companies. Instead of spending money on expensive advertising campaigns, the company primarily sponsors artists and athletes with potential who are making their passion their career.

That is why Monster Energy is much more than an energy drink; it is a lifestyle in a can. Monster Energy created the Monster Army to support the next generation of stars. It is actually a kind of community that is growing.

The younger generation wants to belong to something and the image of this Monster club has a lot of appeal. Hence, Monster Energy should not be missing from your range.

Various Monster Energy variants

Monster Energy is a carbonated energy drink with vitamins such as B2, B3, B6 and B12. It contains taurine, ginseng and caffeine, among others. That is why this energy drink has such an intense taste.

But Monster Energy is not just that one energy drink. There are dozens of variants of this energy drink. The main (and most popular) energy drinks are of course the Original and the Absolutely Zero.

In addition, Monster Energy offers several flavours such as Ultra
Blue, Ultra Red and Green.

Special editions are also launched in collaboration with stars such as Monster Energy Hamilton in collaboration with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

Monster Energy advantage offers Monster Energy energy drinks cheaply. Due to our large purchasing power, partly thanks to our European sales market, we are able to buy these energy drinks cheaply.

We pass this advantage on to you so that you can make more interesting offers with a larger margin to attract new and existing customers to your location.

We always deliver from our large stock so that we can serve you quickly. Our innovative logistics system therefore seamlessly links up with your purchasing system.

Capitalising on opportunities

Through our international contacts with the main players in the market, is aware of all trends and developments like no other. Especially in the field of energy drinks.

That is why we are the first to know which opportunities arise, such as new variants of Monster Energy or other emerging brands.

We are happy to share our knowledge with you so that you can excel. This way, you don't have to immerse yourself in the market to quickly respond to changes. You can rely on our expertise so you can focus on other things.

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