The popularity of energy drinks keeps rising, with new brands being introduced all the time. Few brands do this as
successfully as PRIME Drink, which has built a gigantic fan base in a very short time. This cannot be separated from
the fact that two internet personalities are behind this brand who have managed to win over their audience in one fell swoop. PRIME Drink should therefore not be missing from your range.

PRIME Drink stands out for its unique combination of refreshing flavours and the functional benefits of an energy drink such as a sugar-free drink with added vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes. The energy drink provides the invigorating energy needed for any adventure.

At Softdrink.com, we understand the demand for innovation and always strive to provide unique options for your range. With PRIME Drink, we not only bring one of the most coveted flavours to your shelves, but also offer a range that responds to the growing demand for energy drinks.


PRIME Drink is more than a drink: it is living proof of the power of collaboration, passion and commitment to excellence. Former rivals KSI and Logan Paul joined forces and are now business partners by bringing down a new energy drink that formidably combines great taste with functionality.

Launched in 2022, it is a young brand that has rapidly become the symbol of refreshing innovation. Through complete dedication and continuous improvement, an energy drink has been developed that fully meets the needs of its target audience. For instance, PRIME Drink's flavours not only excite your taste buds, but the energy drink is primarily designed to quench your thirst and re-energise you.

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Various flavours of energy drinks

Prime Hydration has an extensive palette of refreshing, flavourful energy drinks. Prime Hydration Blue Raspberry, for example, offers the invigorating taste sensation of the sweet and tangy flavour of blue raspberry. When you need a touch of nostalgia, Prime Hydration Ice Pop provides a flavour explosion reminiscent of the sweet delight of a water ice cream on a hot summer day, while Prime Hydration Lemon Lime adds citrusy freshness to every sip.

Prime Hydration Meta Moon gives a unique and intriguing twist with its mysterious coconut water-based blend. Prime Hydration Strawberry Watermelon, on the other hand, gives the perfect combination of sweet and juicy, or get carried away with the exotic vibes of Prime Hydration Tropical Punch.

Each variant not only promises to quench your thirst, but also guarantees a taste explosion to stimulate your senses and optimise your hydration experience. And all sugar-free, of course!

Prime Drink inexpensive to buy

Soft drinks.com guarantees to build a unique range that stands out. With PRIME Drink as a vivid example of this, we not only offer refreshing energy drinks, but also an opportunity to surprise your customers with unrivalled flavours. Our focus on diversity and innovation allows you to present a beverage range that is at the
forefront of the market.

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