Schweppes Indian Tonic

Schweppes Indian Tonic

Schweppes Agrumes Zero

Schweppes Agrumes Zero

Schweppes Agrumes

Schweppes Agrumes

Schweppes Mojito

Schweppes Mojito

Schweppes Lemon

Schweppes Lemon


At the time, Schweppes was the very first sparkling water in the world. That's why this brand is so well known and is
also purveyor to the British royal family. Not only does Schweppes offer very special flavours, the bubble of this soft drink also lasts for a very long time. This keeps the flavour intensity for a very long time.

Nowadays, this soft drink is also available as a zero-variant. This way, you can still enjoy the special flavours without having to worry about the calories. So you can immediately see that Schweppes, too, is moving with the times and responding to the ever-increasing demand for low-calorie soft drinks.

For this reason, your customers naturally expect you, too, to have Schweppes in your range. You can build on as we can offer this effervescent soft drink inexpensively.

We take a refreshing look at the market and do the logistics a little smarter. As a result, we can also deliver at lightning speed and offer excellent service.

Revolutionary product

Schweppes was truly a revolutionary soft drink at the time. The brand was invented by Swiss jeweller Jakob Schweppe in 1783. Back then, it was called Schweppe's Soda Water and it was the very first sparkling water in the world. Unsurprisingly, the brand then conquered the entire world.

The soft drink brand moved to London in the late 18th century and was also present at the Great Exhibition in 1851. Not surprisingly, this iconic soft drink brand has also become a court supplier in the UK. A clear confirmation of the status this soft drink has.

Historic Schweppes flavours

A medicinal effect was attributed to the original tonic. Quinine was particularly popular because it was said to help against malaria. Also, of course, the taste was particularly refreshing.

Besides the well-known flavours like Schweppes Tonic and Schweppes Bitter Lemon, the soft drink brand has also launched special flavours like Schweppes Indian Tonic, Schweppes Agrumes, Schweppes Pink Tonic and Schweppes Lemon.

Zero calories

The brand has also capitalised on the trend of making low-calorie drinks with zero-frinks. This soft drink has sublimely managed to keep the flavours intact so that the intensity is like old times. You can leave that to this revolutionary soft drink brand!

Buy Schweppes cheaply likes to look outside the box and is constantly looking for opportunities to tackle the challenges in the
soft drinks market even smarter. Therefore, time and time again, we are able to offer soft drinks not only very economically, but also offer new opportunities and brands that you would not otherwise consider.

Logistically, we take a slightly different approach. We are known for our ability to deliver soft drinks such as Schweppes very quickly. In addition, we can tailor our logistics to your requirements perfectly.

Moreover, our customer service excels at solving challenges. You notice it immediately when you work with us. Our positive approach enables us to make the impossible possible. That is why you can always rely on us and seize new opportunities.

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