Maresca is delicious sparkling spring water from our own North Brabant. As more and more people switch from tap
water to spring water, this Dutch water is an excellent choice. Each spring water has its own taste due to the
minerals it contains. The addition of carbon dioxide also makes Maresca sparkling and therefore an excellent choice.

Soft has also added Maresca to its range to supply this fast-growing brand to you as well. This way, you can offer your customers something special from our own soil. We deliver at lightning speed from stock so that you can dispose of your order the very next day. Moreover, our customer service is geared to providing you with full support, which you will notice immediately.

Spring water from the Netherlands

Spring water is extracted from natural or subterranean springs. Usually, spring water is not treated before bottling, but spring water may be purified using ozone. However, spring water must comply with the drinking water standard.

Previously, almost all spring water came from Germany or the Belgian Ardennes. That is different now as more and more natural water sources are found in the Netherlands. Therefore, there are several new brands of spring water from our own country.

The naturally carbonated spring water extracted from the Maresca spring in Maarheeze is first de-ironed before being bottled. Therefore, you can be sure that this water is pure nature without any harmful substances.

Carbonated spring water

Adding carbon dioxide makes the water come alive. It gives a lovely refreshing effect, especially on a hot day. Maresca carbonated water is offered in practical 33 cl cans so it can also be taken on trips. This way, this thirst quencher is an excellent travel companion.

Maresca water cheap shopping is your supplier when it comes to soft drinks and water. We offer different brands of water, both established A-brands and emerging water brands. This way, you have ample choice and can offer your customers a wide range, This way, you can become much more interesting to both existing and new customers.

Our international purchasing network combined with our economies of scale enable us to offer you water as cheaply as possible. We pass on our advantages to you so that you buy as cheaply as possible and are left with an attractive margin on Maresca water.

Thoughtful party

Moreover, our customer service makes the impossible possible. With our proactivity and perseverance, we go the extra mile to meet your every need. You will see that you can trust our service blindly and that we adapt to your needs. also likes to think along with you. Thanks to our experience and extensive network, we are the first to know about new developments and we are happy to share our knowledge with you so that you can capitalise on new trends. This way, you will always be one step ahead of your competition.

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