The market for fruit juices is substantial and ever-growing. Hence, it is very important to offer sufficient variety to your customers. With Rauch, you certainly meet this requirement, especially since this brand is so broad.

And not least because this Austrian fruit drink brand values quality. Not for nothing is the brand sold in over 100
countries and this family-owned company is still growing strongly.

At Frisdrank.com you can also buy Rauch fruit drinks. We can offer you these fruit drinks inexpensively where you can order quickly and easily with us.

Origin Rauch

Rauch is an Austrian family company that has been focusing on fruit juices since 1919. Now the fourth generation of the family is already at work and the company continues to innovate to be ever more successful.

The Austrian drinks brand is highly motivated to always strive for the best quality to be successful. That is why it is such a leading brand in Europe and is already sold in over 100 countries.

Rauch's fruit drinks are made from real fruit where freshness and health are paramount. By always matching this seamlessly with market demand, Rauch has been able to grow so fast.

Types and flavours

Pinapple, Arancia, Multi, Arancia Rossa, Frutti di bosco, Ace Vitamin and Red Grape.

Rauch Happy Day is made from the best fruits for optimal drinking pleasure. Happy Day is offered in various flavours: Strawberry, Maracuja, Cranberry, Mango, Orange, Apfel, Immun Vital, Immun Aktiv and Immun Plus.

Rauch Yippy is aimed more at children who are fond of popping colours. Again, the fruit drinks are rich in calcium and vitamins. Yippy is available in Apple, Strawberry and Multi flavours.

Rauch has also expanded the range to Ice-Tea. Besides the classic flavours Lemon and Peach, there are also the following flavours: Eistee Berry, Eistee Lemon and Eistee Peach.

In addition, a product line has been developed for athletes: Rauch Isotonic Sport. The company works with athletes to achieve optimal sports performance with Isotonic Grapefruit, Isotonic Berry and Isotonic Citrus, among others.

Finally, the company is also targeting the Iced Coffee to-go market with Rauch Cafemio, Italian-inspired. It is available in Espresso Macchiato, Cappuccino, Macchiato and Latte Macchiato Vanilla variants.

Sponsor of Red Bull Formula 1 team

The fact that the Austrian fruit drink brand is gaining ground is also evidenced by the fact that it has sponsored the Red Bull Formula 1 team for years. Max Verstappen's championships were therefore also made possible by them.

Rauch chose Red Bull not only because of its Austrian background, but also because both companies share the same values, such as quality, innovation, speed, globality and passion, among others.

Buy Rauch at low prices

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