Bavaria is a quality beer that enjoys great popularity in the Netherlands. Thanks in part to advertising So. Now first a Bavaria. Even though this beer brand is sold in as many as 130 countries, it is a small but unique brand globally. This is due to quality ingredients such as natural mineral water from its own spring and home-malted barley.

That is why the beers of this Dutch brewery should not be missing in any assortment. Especially the specials such as
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Historic family business

Bavaria has been around since 1719 and it is a real family business. For seven generations, special beer has been brewed according to a unique family recipe. The beer stands for excellence based on pure ingredients. Among other things, natural mineral water is used (from its own spring) and the barley is malted in-house.

In 1924, the fifth-generation Swinkels brothers took over the brewery and moved the brewhouse to a new brewery. They also introduced the new name Bavaria. The beer brand comes from the south of the country (Lieshout) but the name is a nod to Bavaria as pilsner was previously referred to.

That was also when they switched from top-fermented beer to bottom-fermented (lager) beer. They foresaw a turnaround in beer consumption and saw it correctly. Now Bavaria is available in as many as 130 countries.

Different types

Of course, developments have not stood still. Bavaria has become big with its Premium Pilsner with an alcohol content of 5%, but in addition, this Dutch brewer has developed several variants.

So there is also a lower variant, Premium, with an alcohol content of 'only' 3.3%. In addition, the heavier Bok Bier and the mild Oud Bruin can also already be called iconic.

Bavaria Radler

Bavaria has also focused on tapping into new audiences. Radler's fresh, fruity beer is much more accessible with an alcohol content of 2%. Especially in summer, this drink finds eager demand. Bavaria has introduced two flavours of Radler: Grapefruit and Lemon.

Alcohol-free beer

Bavaria is also one of the founders of alcohol-free beer. Therefore, the Dutch brewer has a very strong position in the Dutch market, but also beyond. As early as 1978, the group exported alcohol-free beer to, among others, the Middle East. Its unique brewing method is still unrivalled and a favourite among enthusiasts.

Bavaria's non-alcoholic beer also comes in a few varieties such as 0.0% Original, 0.0% White, 0.0% Fruity Rosé and 0.0% Radler Lemon.

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