On average, a Dutch person drinks around 80 litres of beer a year. This puts our country in the top 20 biggest beer
drinkers in the world. Not surprisingly, the Netherlands has several international beer brands such as Heineken and
Grolsch, which are available almost everywhere in the world. However, several foreign beers are of course also
consumed in the Netherlands.

It is therefore important to offer a wide range to appeal to various consumer groups. specialises in
sourcing and distributing beer. Our extensive international contacts enable us to distribute various beers intelligently.
This allows us to keep the price as low as possible so you can buy beer cheaply.

Types of beer

Beer brewing centres on the fermentation process. Doing the fermentation process slightly differently creates different flavours every time. That is why there are many types, but lagers and lager are the most widely consumed beers. Besides lager and lager, there are also other malt (non-alcoholic), weizen, bokbier, fruit beer, double, triple, IPA (Indian Pale Ale) and stout.

The flavours range from slightly fresh to darkly bitter and spicy. Depending on the season, more of a particular type is poured. There is also special seasonal beer flavoured by herbs and spices.


Pils is named after the Czech town of Pilsen (Plzeƈ) where pils originated. Not for nothing do the Czechs top the list of biggest beer drinkers in the world. Barley malt and hops form the basis of pils and sometimes a little sugar is added.

Pils, such as Heineken and Grolsch, is the most widely consumed beer and is characterised by its bright golden yellow colour and slightly bitter taste. In the Netherlands, pils is served with a big white head. Because lager is not too full-bodied and does not contain too much alcohol (around 5%), for many it is a real thirst-quencher that is very accessible.


Lager is particularly popular in English-speaking countries. Lager is generally bottom-fermented, contains relatively little alcohol at 3.5% and is somewhat less bitter and thus milder in taste. It is therefore a real drinker. It should be mentioned, however, that the difference between beer and lager has become increasingly smaller, as many lagers are also close to 5% alcohol.

overige soorten bier

Zoals eerder beschreven zijn er naast pils en lager vele soorten andere bier zoals alcoholvrij bier (malt), witbier (weizen), bokbier, fruitbier, dubbel, tripel, stout en Indian Pale Ale (IPA).

Daarnaast zijn er ook bieren met smaak. Denkt u hierbij aan Desperados wat bier met tequila smaak is of Radler, zoals Bavaria Radler, wat bier met citroensmaak is.

Bottle or can versus tap

Many people swear by freshly tapped beer, but scientists disagree on whether tapped beer tastes better than from a bottle. Beer is a living product, though, and must therefore be kept well (read: refrigerated). This generally works better with kegs than bottles.
However, it is true that some beers still need to mature a bit (think of special abbey beers, for example). These are best kept in the bottle for a while.

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