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Red Bull

"Red Bull gives you wings!" is Red Bull's famous advertising slogan. It was the first energy drink to be rolled out
commercially around the world. This Austrian energy drink gives a solid energy boost. It is immensely popular among
young people in the nightlife scene.

With this energy drink, one can go on just a little bit longer. Therefore, it is also often used by athletes. is one of the main suppliers of Red Bull. We can buy this energy drink in bulk through our European purchasing system, which allows you to buy it at a very competitive price. keeps a considerable stock from which we can deliver to you quickly.

Name recognition Red Bull

Not for nothing does Red Bull do a lot of sports sponsorship. Think of its own Formula 1 team and football clubs in the Austrian and German football leagues.

Red Bull also sponsors many sports events such as the Red Bull Air Race, running competition Wings for Life and motocross competition Red Bull Knock Out. The energy drink brand does
everything to keep their brand awareness as high as possible.

Not for nothing is Red Bull top-of-mind with most people when asked to name an energy drink brand. Therefore, Red Bull's sales are almost automatic.

Red Bull flavours and types

Pure alpine water is the base of this energy drink. It also contains various ingredients that have a stimulating effect on your body, including the amino acid taurine, niacin and vitamin B6.

These ingredients contribute to decreasing fatigue and excellent metabolism. As a result, Red Bull promotes concentration and alertness. That consumers are increasingly reluctant to consume sugars and calories is also clear with the Austrian energy drink brand. To the Regular version, the energy drink brand also offers Sugarfree and Zero.

In addition, the brand also sells some specials such as the Coconut Edition, the Tropical Edition and the Açaí Edition (sugarfree). So there is a flavour for everyone!

Sustainability Red Bull

Red Bull also operates very sustainably. For instance, a can of Red Bull is infinitely recyclable and only recycled aluminium is used in the manufacture of cans. Also, production is completely sustainable.

Red Bull achieves much lower CO2 emissions and also uses recycled materials such as cardboard to package and transport the products.

In addition, cans were deliberately chosen as packaging material because they save 20-40% space during transport compared to plastic or glass bottles. Finally, almost all of the brand's refrigerated compartments are energy-saving so as much as 45% energy is saved in this way too.

Affordable Red Bull delivers Red Bull quickly and inexpensively. We keep a large stock of these energy drinks, allowing us to deliver to you at lightning speed. Our innovative logistics system ensures that your order arrives in no time.

Moreover, you can buy Red Bull at very favourable prices via Our smart international purchasing network ensures that you never pay too much. This way, you keep your margin and can make attractive offers to attract new (and existing) customers to your location. is happy to think along with you on how to capitalise on interesting opportunities we discover in the market.

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