AA Drink High Energy 33cl 

AA Drink High Energy Sportdrank

AA Drink High Energy 50cl 

AA Drink Hydration Zero

AA Drink Hydration Zero 33cl

AA Drink Hydration Zero

AA Drink Hydration Zero 50cl

AA Drink Iso Lemon

AA Drink Iso Lemon 33cl

AA Drink Iso Lemon

AA Drink Iso Lemon 50cl

AA Drink Isotone

AA Drink Isotone 33cl

AA Drink Isotone

AA Drink Isotone 50cl

AA Drink Pro Energy

AA Drink Pro Energy 33cl

AA Drink Pro Energy

AA Drink Pro Energy 50cl

AA Drink Smart Recovery

AA Drink Smart Recovery 50cl

AA Drink Full Recovery

AA Drink Full Recovery 50cl

Extran Performance Optimal Orange

Extran Performance Optimal Orange 27,5cl

Extran Performance Optimal Orange

Extran Performance Optimal Orange 50cl

AA Sportwater H2O

AA Sportwater H2O 50cl

AA Sportwater Lemon

AA Sportwater Lemon 50cl

AA Sportwater Melon

AA Sportwater Melon 50cl

AA Sportwater Lime Cactus

AA Sportwater Lime 50cl

AA Sportwater Berries

AA Sportwater Berries 50cl

Sports drinks

Sports drinks are very popular among athletes. This is because they are great for rehydrating the body during or after a sports effort. In addition, sports drinks are energy boosting due to the sugars they contain.

Besides sugars, they also replenish salts lost during exercise. There are several brands of sports drinks available on the market, each with its own special properties. Soft has a wide range of sports drinks to cater to different segments.

We can source these drinks economically through our innovative procurement system. We also deliver quickly due to our large stocks and offer customised service.

Isotonic sports drinks

Sports drinks help athletes replenish fluids, carbohydrates (sugars) and/or electrolytes (salts) during or after exercise.

Whether sports drinks are effective depends on the composition of the drink. Indeed, sports drinks can be hypotonic or isotonic. With these sports drinks, fluid is quickly absorbed into the body.

Whether a drink is hypotonic or isotonic is determined by its sugar content, among other things. Indeed, drinks high in sugars are retained in the stomach for longer, which means the body is not directly hydrated.

An athlete, however, needs direct hydration which means that
many sugars are out of the question. Incidentally, sports drinks are also widely consumed as an ordinary thirst quencher by non-athletes.

Hypertonic drinks

There are also many hypertonic drinks sold as sports drinks. A hypertonic drink contains more than 8 grams of sugars per 100 ml. Due to the high sugar content, such a drink is not quickly absorbed into the body, making it unsuitable as a sports drink.

Such a drink is more likely to fall into the energy drink category as it does have an energy boosting character. Incidentally, added vitamins in a sports drink make less sense.

After all, vitamins are not lost within hours; it takes weeks to become vitamin deficient. It therefore makes less sense to supplement it exactly during exercise.

Sports drink brands

There are many sports drinks available on the market. Two of the biggest brands are Extran and AA Drink. Not surprisingly, offers these two brands.

AA Drink caters to a somewhat broader target group, including
non-athletes with some energy drinks that contain more sugars. Nevertheless, AA Sportwater also has several isotonic drink variants aimed purely at athletes. Extran's range is a bit more limited in that respect and a pure sports drinks brand.

Economical sports drinks is able to offer sports drinks at advantageous prices. Thanks to our extensive international contacts with the most important players and our innovative purchasing system, we are able to negotiate very low prices with our suppliers.

We pass this advantage on to you so that you can also buy your sports drinks at very favourable prices. This way, your margin is excellent, giving you more financial room to regularly make interesting offers.

Your existing customers will appreciate this and you will also attract new customers with such attractive offers.

We keep plenty of stock of all brands and types, allowing us to deliver very quickly. We are also happy to be your sparring partner in the field of sports drinks and other beverages.

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