Haribo is one of the market leaders when it comes to sweets. The coloured candy bears are now a classic and make young and old alike happy. Over the years, several variants have also been added to make the total candy range even more interesting. In the two Haribo candy shops in Roosendaal and Leidschendam, true fans can indulge in their favourite candy mix in the candy bar.

Frisdrank.com is a major player in the distribution of soft drinks and other beverages but also sells snacks such as
crisps and sweets. Haribo is an important addition to the Frisdrank.com range and should definitely not be missing
from yours.

At Frisdrank.com, we like to work off the beaten track. That is why we are uniquely able to offer you a diverse range of products at very favourable purchase prices. We are independent of any supplier so with us you can be sure that we always offer fair deals. That is why our rapidly growing customer base praises us for our low prices, proactive customer service and short delivery times.

History of Haribo

Haribo started as a small candy manufacturer in Germany in 1920. The name of this candy manufacturer is a simple abbreviation of its founder's name, HAns RIegel Bonn. In the early days, candy production took place in a small kitchen with a marble slab, a cooker, a copper pot, a rolling pin, a stool and a bag of sugar.

Together with his wife, he made delicious sweets for the local market but soon the company grew rapidly. Even then, the sweets were made in the shape of a gummy bear and were an important factor in the company's success. After the death of their father in 1945, the two sons took over the business.

Incredible Haribo candy

Meanwhile, Haribo is the market leader in sweets, is sold in more than 100 countries, is produced in more than 16 locations and employs more than 7,000 people. By the way, in 1986, another major confectionery brand - Maoam - was acquired which also contributed to the company's great growth.

Haribo flavours

Haribo bears are, of course, a classic from this German candy brand. The coloured gold bears make both young and old happy.

The candy brand also has some varieties such as the Haribo Starmix, Haribo Dragibus, Haribo Drop as well as the Happy Cherries, Happy Peaches, Kindermix, Bananas, Favourites Mix, Chamallows and World Mix.

To really reinforce the Haribo experience, two Haribo shops have been opened in Roosendaal and Leidschendam. In the candy-bar, young and old can put together their own favourite mix.

Haribo cheap shopping

Frisdrank.com is one of the leading distributors of (soft) drinks. Recently, we have enriched our range with snacks such as crisps and sweets. Haribo is a leading brand that is eagerly sought after. With the addition of candy brands like these, we can offer a particularly wide range around drinks and snacks.

Developments move fast and we are happy to lend you a hand. Thanks to our extensive contacts in the Netherlands and abroad, we are often the first to know about new developments concerning sweets. We are happy to inform you so that you can respond quickly and stay one step ahead of your competition.

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