In the Netherlands, people eat a lot of sweets; a Dutch person eats as much as a kilo per month on average. This also explains why there is so much supply of delicious sweets. After all, there is plenty of choice for everyone.

At, you can order sweets in addition to soft drinks and other beverages. We buy our drinks and snacks in a smart way so you can always buy cheap sweets through us.

Moreover, we keep a large stock of sweets in our warehouse in the Netherlands so that we can always deliver at lightning speed. Ordering today almost always means delivery tomorrow. Our proactive customer service staff make sure of that and you can always count on them.

It is no coincidence that more and more customers are finding After all, we guarantee advantageous prices, lightning-fast deliveries and exceptional customer service.

Delicious sweets

Candy, who doesn't love it? A lot of candy is consumed in the Netherlands, and there is a logical explanation for this. After all, we are one of the largest manufacturers of sweets in Europe and, of course, foreign candy brands know our country well.

An average Dutch person eats about 1 kilo of sweets per month. This is about 25% above the European average, which shows that we Dutch have a real sweet tooth. Because of our tradition, liquorice is almost naturally one of the most eaten sweets, but we are also real fans of other sweets and chocolate.

Nice assortment

Tasty confectionery comes in many flavours and at you can come to us for all kinds of sweets an chocolates. Be it Haribo candy, Maoam candy, sugar-free candy or healthy candy. But we also regularly respond to requests around halal sweets and American sweets.

We are continuously expanding our product range. We currently have the brands Haribo, Maoam and Mentos in our range for tasty sweets. But we can also supply the filled chocolate bars of Mars, Bounty, Snickers, Twix, M&Ms and Oreo quickly and inexpensively.

Responsible candy

Because so much sugar is eaten, especially by children, the demand for responsible candy is high. That is why many sugar-free sweets are made, in other words, sweets without sugar. This is a positive development, of course, and there is also a lot of focus on healthy sweets to drastically reduce sugar intake.

Of course, we at are also jumping on these developments around sugar-free sweets and healthy sweets. Although we also say that there is nothing wrong with sugar, as long as you consume it in moderation.

Buy candy cheaply is a leading distributor of soft drinks, beverages and snacks. Recently, we also added sweets to our range. This allows us to supply everything around drinks and snacks at once. Thanks to our extensive international contacts, we are one of the first to know about new candy trends and we are happy to inform you about them.

Thanks to our economies of scale, we are also able to negotiate advantageous prices and you benefit from this. We
gladly pass on our advantage to you so that you get an above-average margin.

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