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Capri Sun


Capri-Sun cannot be left out of every school trip. The well-known packs of juice with cocktail straws are a treat for
every child. This originally German fruit juice is known for its deliciously intense taste and handy take-away packs. Only natural ingredients are used, so no artificial substances are added. This therefore also makes Capri-Sun a responsible fruit drink.

All of Capri-Sun's new products consist only of fruit and water. 40% water and 60% fruit that is. No sugars, flavourings or preservatives are added. Not for nothing is it a popular drink among parents and children alike., as a soft drinks distributor, naturally has Capri-Sun fruit juices in its range. We have all flavours in
stock in the Netherlands so we can deliver quickly. Our flexible logistics system enables fast delivery and we adapt to your needs. Moreover, our modern way of purchasing always offers you a low price so that you have a very interesting margin.

Independent brand of fruit juices

Capri-Sun was founded in Germany in 1931. Even then, the philosophy was to use only natural ingredients for this fruit juice, with no chemical additives. The first designation was Capri-Sonne, but that name was later changed when it turned out that this fruit juice was also an international success.

Market leader in natural fruit juices

Capri-Sun's international success started in the late 1970s. This was partly due to the commercial efforts of iinternational sports heroes such as Muhammad Ali. After that, Capri-Sun was soon successfully introduced in Africa and Asia.

Growth has been so rapid that Capri-Sun even became the market leader in natural fruit juices from the early 1990s, in both Europe and the United States. As of this century, no less than six billion packets of fruit juice are sold annually around the world. Capri-Sun is available in 119 countries, so the sun always shines wherever Capri-Sun is  drunk.

Delicious fruit flavours

Capri-Sun has also expanded its range significantly over the years. Global growth was accompanied by an expansion in the number of flavours. To the traditional Orange orange flavour, the flavours Banana Apple, Multi Vit, Red Fruits, Safari Fruits and Tropical have also been added to the range.

Convenient packaging

Moreover, new packaging has been introduced that is a bit larger in terms of capacity and with a user-friendly cap. By the way, all packaging is ecologically sound so that it can be easily broken down or even recycled. The European Space Agency (ESA) has even used the base of these packs to provide astronauts with drinks in space. Now that's innovative packaging!

Capri-Sun cheap shopping

Therefore, Capri-Sun's responsible fruit juices should definitely not be missing from your range. You can buy Capri-Sun at low prices via We buy smartly, which means we can always offer you low prices. Moreover, we deliver quickly from our own stock so that you always get what you need on time. Our customer service takes care of that. Not for nothing is growing rapidly and more and more shops are choosing this soft drinks distributor.

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