Mars Chocolate

Mars Chocolate


Mars chocolate bars have been the number one chocolate bar in the world for decades. Mars satisfies strong cravings and you notice it immediately when you take a bite. The intense caramel flavour combined with the nougat filling and milk chocolate shell makes this candy bar very popular with young and old. is constantly renewing its range and while we used to be known as a soft drink supplier, nowadays we
also sell other drinks and snacks such as crisps and sweets. Mars Company's candy bars such as Twix, Snickers, Bounty, Milky Way, M&Ms and Maltesers are of course not to be missed in our assortment. With a combination of well-known A-brands and emerging brands, we always make our range special and surprising.

With our refreshing approach, we are uniquely placed to source Mars chocolate bars at very advantageous prices.
With our economies of scale and innovative way of distribution, we are able to negotiate low prices, leaving you with a more than interesting margin.

Mars chocolate bars

Mars is an originally British chocolate bar with very recognisable black packaging with red lettering. This chocolate bar contains nougat with a thick layer of caramel which is coated with a crunchy layer of milk chocolate. The chocolate bar gives a big boost due to its high energy value. Not for nothing is it a very popular snack.

Mars species

Other candy bars are known to offer many different variants but that is not necessary with Mars. There is a candy bar that is already so iconic that any variant would detract from its flavour.

Alongside this, there are some other product variants such as Mars ice cream and also Mars Drink has recently become available, a delicious Mars chocolate drink that closely matches the taste of the original candy bar.

Candy bars from Mars Company

The parent company has several other chocolate candy bars including Twix, Snickers, Bounty, M&Ms, Milky Way and Maltesers. The range of chocolate candy bars is therefore very diverse and you can source all of them through Soft

Mars cheap shopping is a leading distributor of soft drinks and other beverages in the Benelux. Recently, we also started offering snacks such as crisps and sweets, so you can come to us for everything related to drinks and snacks. This includes all candy bars such as Mars, Twix, Snickers, Bounty, Milky Way, M&M's and Maltesers.

We offer a special range of well-known A-brands combined with emerging brands. This allows you to respond to new trends at lightning speed because we are happy to share our knowledge of emerging developments with you. This way, you can surprise your customers with new products every time.

Due to our international size, we are able to negotiate low prices like no other and, moreover, we source our products from the cheapest places in the world. We gladly give you this advantage so that your above-average margin also gives you enough room for interesting Mars offers.

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