Extran is a popular sports drink for athletes who want to perform optimally. It is a refreshing thirst quencher that
provides necessary hydration. After all, an athlete loses a lot of fluid that Extran replenishes including minerals he or
she loses.

A truly Dutch product that should not be missing from your range. Frisdrank.com buys Extran directly from the manufacturer. Due to our large purchasing power, we can offer Extran cheaply.

Moreover, the margin on this sports drink is excellent. In this way, you are able to realise good profitability with Extran and regularly make interesting offers.

Extran sports drink

During exercise, an athlete loses a lot of fluid that needs to be replenished. Extran is a sports drink that can be used both during and after exercise. The question is whether a sports drink is hypertonic or isotonic.

A hypertonic drink has more than 80 grams of carbohydrates per litre and is therefore basically an energy drink. With less than 80 grams per litre, you can speak of a sports drink.

Extran Performance, for example, has only 60 grams of carbohydrates and is without a doubt an effective sports drink. This is an isotonic thirst quencher that refreshingly provides the necessary hydration.

Flavours and types of Extran

Extran naturally also responds to changing needs of target groups. For example, the regular Extran energy drinks are more suitable for after exercise.

And the sports drinks such as Extran Performance are made for real endurance athletes. There are also different flavours of Extran such as blueberry and orange.

There is something for everyone and of course to meet the different demands of different target groups.

Buy cheap Extran

If your customers also target athletes, Extran should not be missing from your range. The brand has high brand awareness and is highly sought after in the market. Because of our size, we can buy Extran in large quantities at advantageous prices.

This enables you to make competitive offers. The margin on the product is excellent, making it a very profitable product. We will be happy to advise you on which varieties and flavours run best. We have direct contacts with suppliers and hear news first-hand. This allows us to respond quickly to new developments.

You benefit because when we see an opportunity, we inform you immediately. Frisdrank.com is happy to be your sparring partner
in the field of Extran and other drinks.

Fast delivery

Since Frisdrank.com keeps a large stock, we can deliver at lightning speed. Our stocks are constantly being replenished through our European network. If we do not have certain Extran products in stock, we will make sure we get them as soon as possible.

At Frisdrank.com we do not think in limitations but in possibilities. We take a refreshing look at the market and make everything possible.

Frisdrank.com is not guided by ingrained patterns and sacred cows. We are happy to be your sparring partner in the field of drinks such as Extran. Many wholesalers and distributors preceded
you and rely on our knowledge of the market.

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