Doritos is a globally loved snack with a wide range of flavours, from classic Nacho Cheese to adventurous Sweet Chilli Pepper. Doritos not only offers a flavour for every preference, but also ensures that it continues to surprise

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Popular Tortilla Chips

Doritos tortilla chips were launched in the US in 1964. The first tortilla chips were simple chips sprinkled with salt. But popularity skyrocketed when the famous Nacho Cheese flavour was introduced in 1972. This did show that the market was crying out for new flavours.

The idea for Doritos originated in the 1950s when one of Frito-Lay's employees, Arch West, discovered tortilla chips in a small café near San Diego. He saw the potential to transform them into a commercial product for the international market. Since then, the company has completely transformed the world of snacks.

Snack experience Doritos

Doritos' mission goes beyond offering tasty snacks. The brand engages consumers in a unique and bold snack experience. For example, interactive campaigns are created to encourage people to suggest their own flavours. Doritos is not afraid to push the boundaries, both in taste and in marketing.

Doritos is also known for its commitment to sustainability. The US group takes various actions to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. These include various projects to curb water use and reduce waste to a large extent. In addition, only recyclable packaging is used.

Flavours of Doritos

Over the years, different Doritos flavours have been developed so that there is a perfect flavour for everyone. Nacho Cheese is of course the classic popular flavour with a distinctive cheese taste. Cool American is also very popular, known for its spicy, creamy taste. Sweet Chilli Pepper combines sweetness with a slight chilli kick.

Pure Paprika is a popular flavour similar to the familiar paprika chips and Naturel is for those who prefer a simpler, less spicy chip. Roulette has a mix of spicy and non-spicy chips, ideal for those who like a surprise. And Flamin' Hot Nacho Cheese is a spicier version of the classic Nacho Cheese.

There are also Doritos Bits in flavours such as Honey BBQ and Sweet Paprika. These smaller snacks offer an alternative to traditional tortilla chips. The diversity of flavours shows how the brand adapts to different taste preferences, offering something for almost every snack lover.

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