The sports drink market is constantly changing and new brands are constantly entering the market. Many of these
sports drink brands are jumping on the trend of people wanting to live healthier lives. So does Oshee, a leading
brand in Poland that is now spreading its wings to the rest of Europe.

Oshee targets active athletes who live a healthy lifestyle. Oshee's target group includes both professional athletes
and enthusiasts. This Polish sports drink values quality highly, thus targeting a demanding audience.

Frisdrank.com has an extensive distribution network and is one of the first to hear what new trends are. The same goes for Oshee, which is why we introduced the brand in the Netherlands. We can quickly supply you with these sports drinks and energy drinks and you will also enjoy favourable purchasing rates due to our economies of scale.

Sports drinks and vitamin drinks from Oshee

Oshee offers isotonic sports drinks equipped with electrolytes and vitamins. Therefore, these drinks are not only thirst-quenching but also provide optimal hydration to the body. This significantly increases energy and stamina so that sports performance can be significantly improved.

Oshee also has Vitamin water which is pure water with various fruit flavours, supplemented with vitamins and minerals. No colourings or flavourings have been used in these vitamin drinks so the natural flavour is excellent. Therefore, these vitamin drinks are an excellent fit for people with healthy lifestyles.

Another line from Oshee is Vitamin Energy, which are carbonated drinks to which vitamins and minerals have been added. The various fruit flavours combined with the bubbles make these drinks very refreshing.

Handy bottles

Oshee's sports drinks are offered in handy 750ml PET bottles. The resealable caps make the bottles very convenient to use. Vitamin Water is available in 55ml bottles so it is a more practical packaging for the target group. Finally, Vitamin Energy is available in 250ml cans.

Various flavours

Vitam Energy by Oshee is available in the following flavours: Tropical Fruit, Orange, Mint/Lime/Lemon, Classic, Classic Zero and Watermelon. Oshee's Vitamin Tea is available in Peach (black zero) and Lemon (Earl Grey Zinc).

The Witcher Energy Elixir by Oshee is available in Blizzard, Swallow, Cat, Moon and Thunderbolt flavours.

The FUTURYX LAB has also developed some specials such as the Energy Forte Power & Concentration Booster (berry- apple), the Slimfaster Detox & Metabolism Booster (grapefruit-cherry) and the Universum 18 Vitamins & Minerals Booster (orange-raspberry).

Finally, Oshee's Vitamin Recovery Electrolyes is made with the flavour mint/lemon and the Vitamin Coctail Vitamin+Magnesium is available in the flavour guava/orange.

Buy Oshee cheaply

Frisdrank.com has a refreshing way of doing things and is therefore able to source products like Oshee very cheaply. We are happy to pass on our purchasing advantage to you so that you can enjoy very advantageous rates.

We deliver from our warehouse in the Netherlands where we have ample stock of all products. This allows us to deliver to you very quickly, so that you can always rely on our logistics.

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