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SHakura energy


Shakura, unlike other well-known energy drinks, focuses more on the so-called high class market. With its luxurious
black-and-gold packaging, this drink fits perfectly in the bar of an upmarket club due to its bling-bling effect.

The stylish finish certainly stands out among all the other garish packaging. Not for nothing is this brand growing in
popularity in the nightlife scene. Soft deliberately chose Shakura Energy because sales of this brand are growing at lightning speed. Therefore, this energy drink is a great opportunity for you to sell.

Moreover, offers Shakura energy drink very cheaply. This is possible because of our smart sourcing and wide international network. We deliver directly from our large stock which means you will receive your order very quickly.


Shakura Energy is ideal for someone who could use an energy boost. With the originally Dutch energy drink brand Shakura, you can work or study with concentration for longer, party all night or boost yourself for a sports performance.

Shakura Energy contains caffeine, taurine and vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12. This energy drink also tastes like honey. With mineral water as its base and mild energy drink flavour, Shakura is a refreshing option for instant extra energy. Ice cold, this energy drink is best to drink.

Shakura variants

The Amsterdam energy drink tastes like honey. There is also a special edition with blueberry and raspberry flavour (Blueberry & Raspberry). A delicious fruity variant in a chic green-gold can.

In addition, Shakura Energy also offers a Sugar Free version in the white-gold can. Shakura does many demonstrations around the country to convince people of the taste and effect of this energy drink. In addition, Shakura works a lot with rappers like Broederliefde and Ismo for wide exposure. That is also why this unique formula is so successful and claims its own place in the energy drink market!

Economical Shakura energy drink offers Shakura Energy economically. We can do this because we buy in bulk and have the whole of Europe as our market. This allows us to negotiate the most advantageous prices with suppliers.

This benefits you, of course, as we give you the full advantage. This way, we offer you an interesting margin on this energy drink, which
also gives you room to make attractive offers with Shakura Energy. You will see that this energy drink brand sells quickly because of the exposure it gets.

Outstanding service

We keep a large stock of Shakura Energy which means we can always deliver to you at lightning speed. In principle, you will receive your order the next working day. Should the need arise, our customer service will gladly go the extra mile to solve your problems and serve you even better.

It is not for nothing that our customer service is widely praised
by all wholesalers and distributors who already buy their (energy) drinks from us. Moreover, we like to think along with you. Our extensive international network means we are the first to know
about new developments.

You are the first to know about promising opportunities like Shakura Energy is also a great opportunity. We are happy to share this knowledge with you so that we can support you to grow your

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