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For most true chocolate bar lovers, Twix is a true delight. This is of course due to the fantastic taste of the crispy
biscuits, the thick layer of caramel and the flavourful chocolate shell. Another factor that greatly influences its popularity is the two unique bars that are packaged with each other. This is therefore the ideal candy bar to share with others. is a leading supplier of drinks in the Benelux and the rest of Europe. In addition to soft drinks, fruit juices and water, you can now also come to us for snacks such as crisps and sweets. We also supply all Mars company candy bars such as Twix, Mars, Snickers, Bounty, Milky Way, M&M's and Maltesers. We offer an interesting range with Abrands and emerging brands so you can surprise your customers every time.

At, you can buy Twix at bargain prices. This is due to our economies of scale and the fact that we source our products from the cheapest places in Europe. In this way, you have a surprising range with above-average margins so that you can make attractive Twix offers again and again. Not for nothing do more and more customers know how to find us.

Double Twix bars

A bar consists of two crispy, oblong biscuits covered with a thick layer of caramel, and then the biscuits are coated in a delicious layer of milk chocolate. The originally British chocolate bar Twix was previously widely known as Raider.

However, Raider had already been introduced to the US market under the name Twix which is an amalgamation of the words of 'twin' and 'biscuits' (or twin biscuits). In the 1990s, the Raider brand was parted ways and continued around the world as Twix.

Practical Twix pack

The original Twix pack is unique because of its packaging of two oblong chocolate bars. This makes it very convenient to share which also explains a large part of its success. The golden packaging with red letters can also be called iconic as everyone recognises the pack from afar.

Other candy bars

Mars Company - the parent company of Twix - has several classics when it comes to filled chocolate bars. Besides the so-called twin biscuits, there are also chocolate candy bars from Mars, Snickers, Bounty, Milky Way, Maltesers and M&Ms, among others. There is therefore plenty of choice for each so everyone can pick their favourite.

Recently, Twix Drink, a surprising chocolate drink that superbly matches the taste of the original candy bar, was also launched.

Buy Twix cheaply is an international distributor of soft drinks, water, coffee, fruit juices and energy drinks, among others. By adding snacks such as crisps and sweets, including Twix chocolate bars, we can serve you much better around supplying everything around drinks and snacks.

As a relatively new party, we take a refreshing look at the market and therefore like to think outside the box. As a result, we come up with interesting solutions that were previously not possible. By sourcing products from the cheapest places, we can offer you very interesting margins. This gives you enough room for high-profile Twix offers.

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