Liption Ice Tea Green

Lipton Ice Tea Green

Liption Ice Tea Sparkling

Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling

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Lipton sparkling Zero

Liption Ice Tea Peach

Lipton Ice Tea Peach


Lipton is a household name when it comes to tea. Not only for its hot tea but especially for its ice tea. Lipton Ice Tea
was introduced in the nineties and is a huge hit all over the world. Not for nothing is this iced tea drink the most
consumed soft drink in the Netherlands after Coca Cola.

Especially among young people, Lipton Ice Tea is very
popular. This is partly due to the trend that (young) people want to live increasingly healthier lives. Ice Tea of this
brand is low-caloric and therefore a good and especially tasty alternative to other soft drinks. is one of the main suppliers of Lipton Ice Tea. Thanks to our smart purchasing system, we can offer this brand of ice tea at very favourable prices.

Low-calorie iced tea

Lipton is one of the most famous tea brands in the world. The introduction of iced tea in the 1990s completely opened up the soft drinks market. Yet Lipton focuses on continuous development.

As consumers increasingly look for more responsible soft drinks, the volume of high-calorie drinks is decreasing in favour of low-calorie drinks. The sugar content of iced tea has already been reduced by as much as 45%. All Lipton iced tea variants contain a
maximum of 20 kcal per 100 ml. However, taste still remains the main reason for choosing a soft drink.

Therefore, sugar reduction should not come at the expense of taste. Lipton Ice Tea has succeeded in this. Not for nothing is this
brand immensely popular among young people.

Lipton iced tea flavours

The taste of iced tea is central. Lipton Ice Tea consists of fruit-flavoured tea extract and sweeteners. No artificial colours or preservatives are added to the iced tea, making the drink 100% natural.

It's delicious as a refreshing drink but also especially in non-alcoholic cocktails, such as the Long Island Iced Tea. Lipton Ice Tea is also great for vegetarians and vegans. Ideally, this iced tea should be served in a special glass with ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

Now that's refreshing! The most popular flavours include Lemon, Peach, Mango, Raspberry, Green Mint Lime and the trendy Green Matcha, which came over from Japan.

Responsible Lipton Ice Tea

All Lipton teas, including Ice Tea, come from their own tea plantation in Kenya. As many as 16,000 people work here in excellent conditions. All Lipton teas also carry the Rainforest Alliance logo.

This is proof that all natural and social aspects are taken into account when growing tea. The impact on the environment and nature is minimal while also stimulating the local economy. That's another conscious choice to buy Lipton Ice Tea.

Economical Lipton Ice Tea

Thanks to's smart purchasing system, we are able to buy Lipton Ice Tea in bulk at very advantageous rates. You will notice this advantage directly in our low purchase prices. This gives you an excellent margin, giving you the room to make attractive Lipton Ice Tea offers.

This will attract both new and existing customers to your location. Moreover, we have all ice tea variants in stock so we can deliver to you very quickly. You can therefore rely on's expertise in Lipton iced tea and other (soft) drinks.

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