Spa is a classic mineral water. After all, a Spa Blue has become commonplace. This is due to the pure character of
this mineral water from the Ardennes. The water has a low value in minerals, which does full justice to its unique
flavour. stocks a wide variety of Spa products. Thanks to our special international purchasing system,
we are able to offer you Spa at very favourable prices. This way, you can be sure you have sufficient margin.

You have nothing else to worry about thanks to our fast delivery times and excellent customer service.

Churning water from Spa

Spa mineral water is officially recognised as natural mineral water. This means that this mineral water comes directly from nature and is extracted from protected underground springs of the High Fens in Belgium.

The water may not be treated or filtered which is also unnecessary as the water is already 100% pure by nature. Spa has been bottled since the 16th century for a reason.

Spa water is not only used for drinking but it is also the water source for the various spas in the Belgian city of Spa (which means spa in English).

Spa variants

Spa has long since ceased to be just that one blue bottle of water. The number of products has expanded considerably. Besides natural mineral waters, Spa also offers flavoured waters and fruit lemonades. The natural mineral waters consist of pure mineral water (blue), intensely sparkling water (red) and lightly sparkling water (redgreen).

The flavoured waters, Spa Touch, contain a hint of fruit flavour, both sparkling and non-fizzy. These waters contain natural flavours and juices with no added sugars or sweeteners.

Finally, Spa's fruit lemonades contain 100% natural ingredients and are low in calories. Spa does not use artificial sweeteners. To give the fruit lemonades a sweet taste, it uses sugar from sugar beet and an extract of the stevia herb. So you can always enjoy this water pure.

Sustainability Spa

Spa is hugely committed to nature and it shows in everything. The water is bottled in its own bottling plant where the PET bottles are also produced and cleaned. The PET bottles are blown from recycled granules.

This also makes the bottles 100% recyclable. The bottles are of course thoroughly cleaned before use to keep the water pure and
natural. By the way, a PET bottle of Spa weighs less than 29 grams these days. That is no less than 44% less than the weight of the packaging 50 years ago.

It shows that people are always looking for new ways to put even less pressure on nature.

New developments

Because maintains intense contacts with the main international parties in the field of water and other drinks, we are aware of all new developments like no other.

Be it emerging brands, new variants or innovative flavours. We know what the consumer trends are and immediately recognise which developments generate new opportunities. We are happy to share this knowledge with you. is happy to help you excel in order to achieve even more growth. It is no coincidence that many wholesalers and distributors already buy Spa water and other drinks via

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