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Ice tea is chilled tea often flavoured with a fruit extract and sugar or sweetener. It is also available fizzy. The main
advantages of ice tea are that it is thirst-quenching and contains caffeine. This also makes it energy-boosting. Not for nothing is ice tea being drunk more and more, especially in summer on a terrace. is the specialist in ice tea. We stock the main brands and can therefore deliver very quickly. We buy the products directly from the manufacturers. We do this big time because of our European sales market.
That is why we can negotiate advantageous prices. This benefits both you and your customers. We are happy to help you offer your customers advantageous ice tea deals.

Ice tea flavours

Ice tea is available in increasingly exotic flavours. Besides classics like mango, peach and lemon, there are also flavours like jasmine lychee, green mint lime and matcha green ginger. Virtually all flavours are available both sparkling and regular.

Ice tea is a lot healthier than soft drinks while also containing sugar. Yet Lipton Ice Tea, for example, contains as much as 45% less sugar than other soft drinks. Therefore, ice tea really is a conscious choice. And it is also delicious and thirst-quenching. That explains why more and more ice tea is being sold and why more brands are jumping on this trend.

Ice tea brands

Its main brands are Lipton and Fuze Tea. And yet the origins of the two companies are quite different. Lipton has been making (hot) tea since 1890. With changing demand, they also offer iced tea. Fuze Tea, on the other hand, started selling iced tea immediately. This makes the origins of the two companies different. Besides, other manufacturers have also started an iced tea line.

Think DubbelFrisss Ice Tea, for instance. And there are also smaller
more exclusive brands such as Thom's T Green Tea. This too is originally a tea brand. Now they also offer iced tea in
cans. Much less commercial than the other brands and much more focused on a healthy thirst quencher.

Buy affordable ice tea

Since iced tea is so widely drunk, many offers are made with this product. This also makes sense since this way customers can be drawn to a location. We help you make low-cost iced tea offers. You can buy discounted iced tea from us.

This is because of our buying power. Due to our European coverage, our sales market is huge. Therefore, we can negotiate excellent prices with suppliers. We also buy iced tea directly from the manufacturers themselves. This way, there are no expensive middlemen, which only increases the price. works very efficiently and can deliver iced tea to you quickly and cheaply.

Thinking about trends

Ice tea is a great example of a trend. It fits perfectly into the trend of people wanting to live healthier lives. And it appears that more and more brands are responding to this demand. The question for you, therefore, is which brands are going to make it and which are better left untouched. After all, business is about making choices. is happy to help you with this.

We see through trends and developments like no other and advise you on what consumers and your customers want. We can help you get ahead of the demand so that you can offer your customers
something special.

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