FrieslandCampina is an archetypal Dutch brand in milk and dairy products. Besides the Campina and Friesche Vlag
pure milk products, FrieslandCampina is also known for the Chocomel and Fristi brands. The latter brands belonged
to Nutricia until recently.

However, FrieslandCampina acquired the brands because they fit seamlessly with the company's proposition. is also a specialist in branded products. We buy these in bulk, allowing us to negotiate excellent prices.

This enables you to buy products such as Chocomel and Fristi at advantageous prices. Moreover, you can rest assured that you will not pay too much. We are therefore
happy to be your partner in the field of milk products.

Sustainable FrieslandCampina

FrieslandCampina has a cooperative tradition where the organisation looks to the future. Not only for farmers but also for consumers and the world. Nourishing by nature is not central to FrieslandCampina's mission for nothing.

The company stands for responsible entrepreneurship whereby nature is burdened as little as possible and everyone gets
a fair price. This is the only way to maintain quality in the long term.

Milk is the basis of everything at FrieslandCampina. It is produced on around 12,000 farms and then transformed into delicious and responsible dairy products.


Chocomel is made from meadow milk from cows that spend at least 120 days a year in the meadow. The chocolate used in production is also UTZ-certified. This quality mark stands for fair trade with the aim that agriculture is sustainable for people and nature.

Moreover, Chocomel is also FSC-certified. The chocolate comes from responsibly managed forests. In this way, Chocomel ensures that economy and ecology are well balanced. So you can see that
Chocomel is a truly sustainable brand.

Also for the drinker himself. Besides the Original variant, Chocomel has also made other variants with fewer calories: Semi-skimmed, Fresh, 0% Sugar and Dark. A truly responsible choice, then.


Fristi is another delicious milk product and is especially popular with children. In fact, with Fristi, it is always a party. This fruit milk drink tastes like strawberries, raspberries and cherries. Deliciously fruity! But Fristi is not only tasty and fun, it also contains calcium.

That is why it is also healthy. Besides the traditional Fristi with red fruit, Fristi has a version with 0% added sugar. A very conscious variant. Fristi comes in both cans and bottles, making it ideal for
taking to school or a day out.

Economical FrieslandCampina products

At you can buy milk products such as Chocomel and Fristi at bargain prices. Our international network enables us to buy big and smart. Big because of our strong purchasing power thanks to numerous wholesalers and distributors who buy their milk products from us.

And smart because we are always investigating where we can buy
FrieslandCampina products at an advantage. And you reap the benefits. After all, you are able to realise a good margin and you don't have to worry about the price.

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