The Dutch are not among the top 10 biggest chocolate eaters in Europe, yet an average Dutch person eats almost 5 kilos a year. That means there is plenty of room for variety, also because different people also each have their own preference for, say, dark, white or milk chocolate.

Therefore, you would do well to offer a wide range to meet the demand of as many target groups as possible. Not only
in the area of regular chocolate bars, but certainly also in the area of candy bars where you can also see a growth in
consumption. is the supplier of food & beverages where we carry a special range of classic A-brands combined with emerging brands. Thanks to our intensive relationships in the international market, we are among the first to spot trends and developments and you benefit from this knowledge.

Origin of chocolate

Chocolate is made from cocoa and sugar, among other ingredients. Cocoa comes from cocoa beans originally from Mexico; the Aztecs, among others, attributed medicinal powers to it. With the discovery of America, cocoa also came to Europe, but it was not until 1728 that the first chocolate factory was established in England.

Swiss chocolate was first made in the 19th century, by grocer François-Louis Cailler who is the founder of Nestlé chocolate. Today, cocoa grows in mainly five countries: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria and Brazil.

Types of chocolate

There are many different types of chocolate and these days people experiment to their heart's content to create new (opposite) flavour combinations. But fundamentally, there are only three types: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate.

With the white variety, it must be stated that it is not actually real chocolate. This is because it is made from cocoa butter so in the purest sense it is not real chocolate.


Besides traditional chocolate, candy bars are also wildly popular snacks. They are candy bars encased in a layer of chocolate. The contents range from caramel, nougat, peanuts, hazelnuts, biscuits and coconut to fruit. Such a filled chocolate bar is an ideal snack and also easy to eat.

The most famous candy bars come from Mars. Mars' range includes filled chocolate bars such as Mars, Milky Way, Twix, Bounty and Snickers. M&Ms again does not fall into the candy bar category but is just under chocolate snacks.

Buying chocolate cheaply is of course a leading player in the field of soft drinks and other beverages such as chocolate drinks. But also in the field of food, has made considerable inroads in recent years. In addition to snacks and sweets, therefore also offers chocolate.

Due to our extensive network and increasing customer demand to supply everything in food and drinks, we have expanded our range and we do so in our usual way.

We always deliver very quickly from stock and do so at very advantageous prices. After all, we always pass on our purchasing advantages to you so that you always get an above-average margin.

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